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Learn C# 6.0 With Visual Studio 2015, Chapter 1

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This comprehensive C# course is designed for beginner programmers, as you won't be rushing through code. You'll also learn HTML, basic CSS and how to use a variety of controls like buttons, text boxes, drop downs lists and others.You'll learn in a detailed and deliberate way so you can set a foundation and move from basic to more advanced concepts easily.In addition to learning C#, you'll also cover the Microsoft Visual Studio programming environment, which will serve as the perfect complement to your newfound C# skills. Let's get coding!


This is a course for beginners, but there is also material of a more advanced nature for intermediate and advanced programmers.

Topics Covered

  • Get Visual Studio
  • Configure Visual Studio
  • Create First Web Page
  • First Page With C#
  • Create A Single Variable
  • Update Visual Studio
  • Formatting Output
  • Data Types
  • Doing Basic Math
  • Collecting Information From Pages
  • Method Chaining and Nesting
  • If/Else Blocks
  • Adding One
  • While Loops
  • Repeating blocks of code with for loops
  • Examining items in collections one at a time with foreach loops
  • Checking values with switch blocks
  • Creating stable code with TryParse
  • Ternary operator
  • Compact operators
  • Logical and operator
  • Logical or operator
  • Creating and reading arrays
  • Iterating over arrays
  • Creating functions or methods
  • Passing arrays
  • Value and reference type variables
  • Creating methods with Params keyword
  • Out keyword
  • Ref and out keywords
  • Two dimensional arrays
  • Create a class with a method
  • Create a static class
  • Create class instances
  • Create a static class with static properties
  • Use inheritance to centralize stuff
  • Virtual methods
  • Abstract classes
  • Custom return types
  • Making use of lists
  • Polymorphism
  • Using interfaces


You must use Visual Studio Community 2015 with this course. 


Subject Matter Expert

My name is Tom. I am the author of one of the best-selling C# courses on udemy. I have been in technology, in one form or another, since 2000, and currently teach Computer Science and Math.

End of Course Instructions

Now that you have completed Chapter 1 of this course, you should move on to Chapter 2, which covers a series of additional topics.

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