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Intermediate iOS 9 Programming

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In this course, the student will learn how to create native iPhone and iPad apps using Xcode and Swift. The course demonstrates the most popular iOS features - interfacing with remote data services, accessing media (photos, videos, and audio) and the media library, using the GPS to track current location, mapping, social networking including Twitter and Facebook, data access with CloudKit, and in-app purchasing. How to implement these features using iOS frameworks will be shown, as well as some of the trade-offs and options. Application source code will be provided and discussed, line by line, and the resulting applications behavior will be shown.


Students will need some porgramming knowledge. They will also need a Mac computer and the Xcode development app.


People with computer application development and knowledge some prior experience writing iOS applications.

They should understand programming structures and the software development process.


Topics Covered

  • Create iPhone-iPad applications
  • Use several of the most popular iOS features.
  • Write apps that use GPS, mapping, social networking, and remote data.
  • Create apps that include in-App purchasing.

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