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Game Development Fundamentals with Python

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  • Difficulty: Beginner
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"Do you have an idea for a game you're itching to produce? Do you want to know the professional techniques used by game developers worldwide. Do you want to be able to create ""real"" games using game physics and artificial intelligence? This is the course you've been waiting for.

Join game developer Kevin O'Flaherty for this dynamic course with four hours of video lecture, dozens of code samples and engaging lab exercises designed to help you remember everything!

Take this course only if you want to learn professional game development techniques. This course is taught in Python (an easy to learn language with clear coding conventions) but the language you use doesn't really matter. You'll be learning how to develop games, and the concepts this course covers can then be applied to any programming language.

If you are serious about learning the techniques pros use to develop games, this course is for you!"


Topics Covered

  • Understand the Game Loop
  • Apply the concept of frame rates
  • Working with surfaces
  • Understanding images and image processing
  • Working with game assets
  • Applying the laws of physics
  • Processing player control inputs
  • Working with thrust and dapening
  • Applying collision detection
  • Using game object logic
  • Understanding game event logic
  • Delaying game events
  • Applying artificial intelligence to game enemies
  • Giving your game player a sense of purpose
  • Working with game animations
  • Creating a scoring system
  • Working with sound


PC or Mac with Python installed, Foundational knowledge of the Python programming language


Subject Matter Expert

"Kevin has always been one to walk the unbeaten path. He discovered programming at age 13 and game development soon after. A couple years later he launched a website featuring tutorials and interactive resources for the Torque 2D engine. The resources can still be found at torquescripter.com.Kevin received a Computer Science degree from Stony Brook University in 2013 and has since used his education and experience to jump head first into entrepreneurship, startups, and the web."

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