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Ruby On Rails for Beginners

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  • Language: English
  • Difficulty: Beginner
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"You have learned HTML and CSS-- and probably some Javascript and PHP. Did you ever wonder why you need four separate languages to create a web application? Is there a better, more unified solution? If you've been looking for an easy to learn, rapid application development environment, Ruby on Rails is for you.

Ruby on Rails-- commonly called just "Rails" is an increasingly popular language and framework for creating web applications. The Rails framework provides templates to complete such common tasks as:

  • Retrieving Web Service Content
  • Querying a Database
  • Creating and Using Page Templates
  • Much, much more

Because the templates are already part of the Rails framework, you all spend less time architecting and coding common tasks. The Rails framework is a time saver that doesn't sacrifice power or flexibility.

Every day new jobs are posted for prepared Ruby on Rails Developers. Increase your opportunities-- whether you work as a contractor, freelancer or you're looking for a full time job by learning this important framework and language.

Instructor Daniel Lefevbre is both a Rails expert and patient instructor. Daniel will guide you through this excellent course, taking a patient, step-by-step approach to the material. You'll learn through Daniel's exciting lectures and engaging lab exercises that teach you the in's and out's of the framework."


Topics Covered

  • Setting up the Development Environment
  • Understanding the MVC Paradigm
  • Understanding Scaffolding
  • Using Rails style sheets
  • Working with strings
  • Working with arrays and hashes
  • Using conditional processing
  • Working with loops
  • Understanding classes
  • Working with views
  • Working with models
  • Working with controllers
  • Adding
  • locating and deleting records from a database
  • Working with common database queries
  • Using iterators with query results
  • Creating a search form
  • Searching a database
  • Working with select boxes
  • Creating select boxes from a database
  • Working with form builders
  • Integrating builders and styles
  • Adding images to forms
  • Using form validation and required fields
  • Using cookies for data persistence
  • Using sessions for data persistence
  • Working with users
  • Sending an email with the Rails framework
  • Working through account activation
  • Understanding routing and blogging
  • Using match for page routing
  • Working with regular expressions for routing
  • Strategies for testing Rails code


PC or Mac


Subject Matter Expert

"Daniel has a master's degree in Teaching with Internet Technologies from the Marlboro Graduate Center and has been teaching and developing for the web for over 10 years. Like many of his peers, Daniel first began programming in BASIC when, as a 4th grader, he stumbled upon the computer in his school's library. In 1999 Daniel started BinaryBlacksmith.com and has since gone on to work for the Vermont Lottery and the National Gardening Association. He has held positions as an IT Generalist, Web Developer, and Director of Software Development.

In 2000 Daniel began teaching at the Community College of Vermont. Over the course of his 12 year career there, he has taught everything from basic computer skills, to Flash Animation with ActionScript, to Advanced Java programming. He has also taught Database design and Management for Marlboro College and did tutorial work for Burlington College."

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