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Construct 2 for Beginners

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  • Language: English
  • Difficulty: Beginner
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"For years game development was considered one of the most complex tasks a developer could tackle. What seemed the most trivial of games required months of work-- and years of programming experience.

Now, imagine being able to develop and publish your own games. Imagine that game for sale on all of these platforms:

  • Android/ Google Play Store
  • Amazon/ Amazon AppStore for Android
  • Facebook
  • Wii U
  • More...

Once you master Construct 2 you'll be able to develop exciting, sophisticated games in a nearly code-free environment. Those games will be able to be distributed across the wide network of online app stores and game libraries. And these are not just your average games...

With Construct 2 and the what you learn in this course you'll be able to create 2d games such as platformers, jumpers, wave-based games and much more. You can include advanced features such as in-app purchases and multi-player options. You can even borrow game assets included with the platform to get you started.

With Reece Siksay as your instructor, and LearnToProgram's new course Construct 2 for Beginners, you'll be making entertaining games very quickly."


Topics Covered

  • Create top-down Games
  • Create platformer style games
  • Create and manipulate sprites
  • Understand collisions
  • Understand events and behaviors
  • Understand and use parallax scrolling techniques
  • Work with keyboard Events
  • Understand Passthrough
  • Create game levels
  • Create logic games
  • Utilize variables in game construction
  • Create game goals and ways to win
  • Understand the concept of Artificial Intelligence
  • Use AI with game enemies
  • Understand player pathing AI
  • Understand Wandering AI
  • Identify the role of Physics in games
  • Work with game gravity
  • Understand bouncing and sliding
  • Create launchers in a game
  • Create advanced player environment interactions
  • Make characters jump and slide on walls
  • Create climable objects in the game
  • Create secrets within the game
  • Styling and sharing your game
  • Creating in-game menus
  • Making touch controls
  • Send your game to friends

Subject Matter Expert

Reece Siksay joined the LearnToProgram in 2014 as a host of the web series QuickBytes. A graduate of UConn with a degree in economics, Reece enjoys mathematics and problem-solving. A largely self-taught programmer, Reece is proud to share his knowledge in order to help others learn new languages.

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