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Famo.us Javascript Framework

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"In a world of multiple screen sizes and platforms, creating elegant, usable and noticeable user interfaces is becoming increasingly difficult. Developers have to support not just traditional web users but tablet, mobile and even television based users. Creating interfaces that support all types of users can be pleasurable and efficient€ if you know the Famo.us Javascript Framework.

In this fast-paced and fun course LearnToProgram's Reece Siksay will take you through the features of the Famo.us Javascript framework and show you how to create elegant User Interfaces. Including over four and a half hours of demonstration, you'll learn what Famo.us has to offer, and how you can take advantage of it. In this course you won't sit idly by and watch Reece demo the framework's features... Nine lab exercises included will have you reinforce your skills and challenge you as you master the Famo.us Framework.

You'll begin with the basics of the Famo.us Javascript framework, installing the necessary libraries. You'll then progress through the fundamentals, including surfaces, animations and events. More advanced content on event handling is also included.

If you're a developer who wants an elegant and powerful solution for design across the device spectrum, Famo.us is what you're looking for. You will become productive with the Famo.us Javascript framework very quickly, allowing you to create beautiful interfaces in just a few hours."


Course Objectives

  • Section 1: Getting Started
  • Section 2: Surfacing
  • Section 3: State Modifiers and Transformations
  • Section 4: Active and Moving Transformations
  • Section 5: Events
  • Section 6: Custom Transforms with Modifiers
  • Section 7: Flowchart Project
  • Section 8: Web Standards
  • Section 9: Advanced Event Handling

Topics Covered

Section 1: Getting Started

Section 2: Surfacing

Section 3: State Modifiers and Transformations

Section 4: Active and Moving Transformations

Section 5: Events

Section 6: Custom Transforms with Modifiers

Section 7: Flowchart Project

Section 8: Web Standards

Section 9: Advanced Event Handling

Installing Famo.us, Produce Hello World with Famo.us, Work with Famo.us Surfaces, Adjust Surface Properties, Surface Placements with Align and Origin, Modifying Opacity, Understanding State Modifiers, Utilize Shape Translation, Understand How to Scale and Rotate Surfaces, Stacking Elements, Understanding and Creating Transformations, Combining Transformations, Understanding setTransform parameters, Employ Physics and Dampening to Create Realistic Transformations, Creating User Interaction with Events, Working with Click and Hover Events, Understand and Employ Event Layering, Dealing with Key-Press Events, Emit and Receive Events, Understand How to Create Custom Transformations, Employ Modifiers with Transformations, Utilized Mapped States to Create Toggles and Switches, Map Projects and Transitions Using Flowcharts, Understand how Famo.us Design Relates to Web Standards.



"Working Knowledge of HTML and Javascript, a Mac, PC or Linux, a Text Editor and Web Browser"


Subject Matter Expert

Reece Siksay joined the LearnToProgram in 2014 as a host of the web series QuickBytes. A graduate of UConn with a degree in economics, Reece enjoys mathematics and problem-solving. A largely self-taught programmer, Reece is proud to share his knowledge in order to help others learn new languages.

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