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Front End Development with Adobe Dreamweaver

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  • Language: English
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Audience: Beginners

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So, you want to create a web site, but HTML makes your head spin?

Dreamweaver is your answer. With this course from Adobe expert Scott Reynolds you'll gain confidence as you develop increasingly complex web sites. Scott will give you a tour of all of the features in Dreamweaver that make web design easy. You'll also be introduced to some of the most powerful features within Dreamweaver that will keep you organized as you work with larger and more complex sites.

This course includes dozens of video lectures and demonstrations in which Scott will show you exactly how to use the features you need-- Step by step! Included activities where you build sites and site components will help you retain all of the material. In just a few hours you'll be competently creating your own sites.

If you've wanted to build web sites or have tried but had difficulty with the complex tools, then this is the perfect course for you! Enroll today and start building sites tomorrow.


Topics Covered

  • Understand Web Development Workflow
  • Create a new project
  • Use built-in templates
  • Understand how to optimize your Dreamweaver workspace
  • Save your customized workspaces
  • Synch your Dreamweaver settings to the creative cloud
  • Understand use of Dreamweaver panels
  • Understand the Dreamweaver document window
  • Include external documents in your Dreamweaver page
  • Use the element quick view feature to be more efficient
  • Efficiently use Dreamweaver's code view
  • Use live view to preview dynamic documents
  • Understand how live view relates to various screen sizes
  • Use Dreamweaver's powerful element display features
  • Become more efficient by using the quick tag editor
  • Learn to use the files panel to manage multipage sites
  • Manage site assets with the Dreamweaver assets panel
  • Understand Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Easily apply CSS styles with the CSS panel
  • Use the properties panel to make quick changes to HTML and CSS
  • Create pages with gradient backgrounds
  • Create pages with image backgrounds
  • Bring Photoshop images in to Dreamweaver for inclusion in your pages
  • Understand the best ways to work with text
  • Include Adobe Edge Web Fonts in your web site
  • Use the site panel to organize files and templates
  • How to make a Dreamweaver site ""live"" on the internet


Mac or PC, Dreamweaver software


Subject Matter Expert

Scott B. Reynolds is the founder and president of Thrise LLC, an Adobe Business Catalyst consulting and training company. He has had his hands in HTML since the 90s and often presents on topics related to web design, front-end development, and marketing. Scott is an Adobe Community Professional and Adobe User Group Manager. He runs the Hartford Adobe User Group and is the founder of Hartford Tech Week. Scott is also the official Business Catalyst podcaster for Adobe. Scott lives in West Hartford, Connecticut and can often be found participating in events all across New England.

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