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Github Fundamentals

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"Whether you're learning development for the first time, or, you've been at it for years, the concept of version control is critical. If you've ever lost code, or needed to revert to an earlier version of your application, you already understand the need for version control. If you work in a team, GitHub is a requirement to organize and synthesize the path your teams' code takes from first Alpha version to release.

In this course, expert instructor Ed Matthews will show you how to take advantage of not only the Git repository, but also the GitHub community to work with open source code.

From an understanding of the command line GIT utility, to taking advantage of all the GitHub community has to offer, there is no better course. Git and GitHub are being adopted by thousands of professional coding shops each day. Don't be caught without the knowledge you need to succeed!"


Topics Covered

  • Installing Git
  • Use the Config Command
  • Use the Init Command
  • Understand Commits
  • Use the Diff Utility
  • Understanding the Log Command
  • Remove Files from Git
  • Understand Git status
  • Run the Stash Command
  • Run the Reset Command
  • Learn How to Create Branches
  • Show and Verify Branches
  • Delete Branches
  • Understand How to Merge Branches
  • Create a GitHub Account
  • Navigate the GitHub UI
  • Modify Account Settings
  • Work with GitHub Notifications
  • Understand How to Create a Repository
  • Forks and Clones
  • Using Remotes
  • Understand Pushing and Pulling
  • Understand and Use GitHub's social features

Subject Matter Expert

Ed Matthews has been teaching online graduate classes for over 10 years. He helped design and teach online courses at New York University and Syracuse University and is now an adjunct professor at Boston University, where he teaches several Database Design and Security courses. Ed started his career at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York where he helped build new Market Data and Cash systems. He then spent six years at Sun Microsystems as a Sr. Systems Engineer architecting solutions for many Fortune 500 companies. In 2006, Ed moved to the Boston area and took on a new role managing a web applications team at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. He now works for Intralinks, a leading global technology provider of beyond the firewall collaboration solutions. At Intralinks, Ed managed a small team of developers and is now part of the Security and Compliance Team, where he concentrates on forensics, penetration testing and OS hardening

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