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jQuery & JavaScript Basics

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  • Course Delivery: On Demand
  • Duration: 5 
  • Language: English
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Audience: Web authors

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In this online training series, you will learn the basics of programming JavaScript and using jQuery which we’ve broken down into 2 sections. In the first half of this series, you will learn JavaScript syntax, how to create variables, conditional statements, functions and other skills necessary to add interactivity to your Web pages.  In the second half of this series, you will learn how to use jQuery and jQuery UI to create interactive Web pages beyond basic JavaScript.

Topics Covered

Getting Started
  • What you'll learn in this training

JavaScript:  Basics
  • Introducing JavaScript
  • Setting up a document to create JavaScript
  • JavaScript syntax rules
  • Creating an alert box
  • Displaying data on the page using document.write
  • Displaying text data
  • Creating variables
  • Calling and combining variables
  • Creating prompts
  • Creating arrays
  • Linking to a JavaScript file

JavaScript:  Decisions, Statements, and Loops
  • Creating an if statement
  • Creating an else if statement
  • Applying various comparison operators
  • Applying logical operators
  • Creating switch statements
  • Creating a for loop
  • Creating a while and do while loop

JavaScript:  Basic and Custom Functions
  • Adding the current time and date
  • Converting strings to numbers
  • Converting numbers to strings
  • Creating basic string functions
  • Creating basic math functions
  • Creating a custom function
  • Calling a function
  • Calling a function based on an event
  • Adding parameters to a function

JavaScript:  Forms and User Interaction
  • Accessing form elements with JavaScript
  • Programming text and button element interactivity
  • Programming text area element interactivity
  • Programming radio button interactivity
  • Programming checkbox interactivity
  • Programming select box interactivity
  • Validating form text data
  • Validating form email data
  • Validating form checkbox data

JavaScript:  Windows, Frames, and the Browser Object
  • Detecting the browser version
  • Accessing browser history
  • Using the location object
  • Creating a pop-up window
  • Referencing specific windows
  • Interacting with frames

jQuery:  Basics
  • Introducing jQuery
  • Loading jQuery library files
  • Initializing an on ready function and selecting elements
  • Selecting elements by id and style
  • Selecting elements by attribute
  • Running the jQuery code
  • Showing and hiding elements
  • Binding jQuery to event handlers
  • Writing HTML elements via jQuery
  • Adding element attributes
  • Adding content to elements
  • Wrapping elements within elements
  • Binding jQuery to events using the .on() function
  • Creating variables using jQuery
  • Creating loops in jQuery

jQuery:  Effects
  • Fading elements in and out
  • Sliding elements up and down
  • Toggling slide operations
  • Adding effect parameters
  • Animating effects

jQuery UI
  • Loading jQuery UI library files
  • Creating an accordion widget
  • Creating a button widget
  • Creating a date picker widget
  • Creating a menu widget
  • Creating a slider widget
  • Creating a spinner and tooltip widget
  • Creating a tab widget
  • Creating a dialog widget
  • Opening a dialog box on click
  • Creating jQuery UI themes
  • Customizing jQuery UI themes

jQuery UI Interactions
  • Creating a drag action
  • Creating a drop action
  • Creating a resize action

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