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Node.js for Beginners

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  • Language: English
  • Difficulty: Beginner
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"Be prepared for the increasing number of jobs and projects that use Node.js technology to create fast, scalable network applications. You'll use the familiar Javascript programming language to create server side scripts that have amazing power and flexibility.

By using Javascript as a single language across both the front and back end, you enjoy numerous development advantages-- such as using JSON as a common data structure and the reuse of data resources.

With Node.js's increasing popularity, there are literally thousands of opportunities for developers who are trained in the technology. Access these opportunities after taking this course, or simply use the information for yourself to build your personal inventory of skills and abilities.

You are encouraged to code along with expert instructor Zeke Nierenberg, as you start with the very basics of Node.js and learn the features available in this powerful technology."


Topics Covered

  • Using Node.js command line
  • Using Existing Code in Node
  • How to Share function between files
  • Working with web server requests and responses
  • Mapping Server requests
  • Understanding Express.js
  • Dynamic Web Applications
  • Using Embedded Javascript (EJS)
  • Working with the MongoDB
  • Understanding Express App Interfacing with MongoDB
  • Using the Mongoose ORM
  • Using Subdocuments and References
  • Working with request middleware
  • Basic Authentication Systems
  • Understanding Express Sessions
  • Cryptography with ByCrupt
  • Using Socket IO
  • Understanding Heroku Deployment
  • Configuring the environment for Heroku
  • Working with logging in production

Subject Matter Expert

Zeke started coding at age ten and hasn't stopped since! It all began with HTML and CSS and grew to the server side when Zeke was taught PHP by his mentors. He further honed his skills throughout high school with freelance work. Zeke studied chemistry and biology at Hampshire College, where he also acted as a teaching assistant in computer science courses and aided CS professors with research. In his final years as an undergrad, Zeke taught two courses in web development under the supervision of faculty.After college Zeke co-founded trext.me, a software company that makes texting large groups systematic and easy for companies. Currently, Zeke continues to teach private students and classes. He has been hired as an adjunct professor at Hampshire and will be teaching web development there in the spring.

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