2 Minutes to Game Time

  • Posted on October 29, 2013   360 Authoring Team

    Whether a quick refresher, opportunity to review, or just for fun, games add an extra spark to compelling content.

    For Halloween, some of our internal teams got together and decided to decorate our office party “virtually” by creating some games. As teams, they decided on a theme and wrote questions. Splitting the work made content development super fast and a lot of fun! After they uploaded the questions, game setup took less than 2 minutes.

    At the party, we projected the games on large wall, cranked the volume, and collected colleagues into teams to pit their wits against those of the game makers. Halloween candy and cheers rewarded correct responses. Friendly competition spurred on rematches.

    You can check out three of the games created on our Showcase page in the “Special Occasion” section.

    While these games were just for fun, the format can be a fast and effective way to deliver micro-chunks of training. Engaged in a game, participants are actively processing and evaluating information. The micro-chunks may be a review of facts and key values. They may open up scenarios and ask for interpretation or best next steps. They may challenge learners to make a guess regarding statistics or curiosity-inciting nuggets of information, setting the scene for further training to come.

    What are you doing at your next meeting? What information do you need to review in a way that people sit up and pay attention? Could you do it in a game?

    Explore. Look at the world in a different way.

    — Laura and the 360 Authoring team.


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