Beyond Distance

  • Posted on February 22, 2014   360 Authoring Team

    Offer Webinars and Classroom Training through

    Do you have some great “in person” training that you’d like to sell as a webinar or classroom course? With webinars and virtual classrooms, you can keep the human touch and ability to respond to particular learner questions, while providing training to avid learners around the world.

    Or perhaps you’re looking for a way to get key content in front of learners early, before transforming it into a full-scale online course? Early feedback on content and approach can help you hone your message and create the best training.

    Great news! now has a quick way for you to make webinar and classroom content available to millions of learners. Just fill out the form and tell us the name of the course, what it’s about, how much you want to charge for the course, and when you want to deliver it. For optimal results, be sure to submit your course at least two weeks in advance. We’ll pass the proposal on to our Product Line Managers based on the industry you selected. They’ll review your proposal, and, if accepted, request some additional information we’ll need so that we can pay you when your course sells, and add your course to the libraries served up by

    Reach out and make a difference—with webinars and classroom courses.

    — Laura and the 360 Authoring team.


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