False Barriers—What Don’t You Need?

  • Posted on September 11, 2014   360 Authoring Team

    Are you are a subject matter expert (SME) with years of experience, interested in creating and selling your own online training? Online course development has many aspects that can seem daunting at first. But have no fear! The perceived barriers around what you need in order to be successful are often more myth than obstacle.

    To create great online courses, do I…

    Need a formal degree in instructional design?

    A good understanding of what your audience does and does not understand about your subject matter, and how to best convey that information to your audience is critical to the success of the course. After a decade or more of experience in the field, mentoring colleagues and managing teams, you most likely have expert knowledge of how the audience for your course thinks and what they need. A formal instructional design degree would be fantastic and could help polish and perfect your understanding of learning strategies—but it cannot replace what is most important: your experience and your ability to effectively communicate that experience to your audience.

    Need to be developer or have extensive knowledge of technology?

    Course development with 360training’s LCMS can be super quick and fun. All you need is a good internet connection to create challenging, interactive, and engaging courses for your learners. Say goodbye to back-end coding and scripts! In addition, because our systems interconnect, you do not have to worry about how you are going to save out your course and in what format, or how you are going to get that course to your learners. Just click a button and your course is available for learners in your own organization or for sale to learners around the world!

    To create a thriving online training business, do I…

    Need heaps of money?

    Start up your elearning career without investing a dime and earn cash for courses. Try out our freemium packages and create exciting elearning and share it with the world. While you can upgrade and get your own storefront if you want, you can also just create courses and have 360training and our network of VARs sell them for you. No money is required to get started.

    Need to be a marketing or social media expert?

    If you partner with 360training, we will market and sell your courses as if they were our own. 360training enjoys a trusted position in elearning industry, and your courses will receive the same advantages as any other courses in our library. Our goal is to make sure learners have access to the best workforce courses in the industry—and your course could be a part of that.


    Make a difference in the world. Create a course today!

    —Shazia Wajid and the 360 Authoring Team


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