Game Template

  • Learners are presented with seven mystery words or phrases. Reviewing the hint, learners select a ring with a letter in it, then click to “toss” the ring at a particular bottle marking a position. If it’s a match, the ring slides down around the bottle and the letter appears inside. If it’s not a match, the ring misses and the learner will have to use some of the coins to “buy” replacements. Questions randomize to provide opportunity for practice. Learners have the option to pass on up to three questions. To increase the challenge, learners can be required to unscramble the word within a certain amount of time.

    Recommended Usage

    Vocabulary, particularly those words or phrases for which correct spelling is key

    Content Requirements
    • Technical minimum: 7 words or phrases (11 characters or less including spaces)
    • Recommended minimum: 30 words or phrases


    When a letter is assigned to a correct position, it displays in the bottle. If the letter is not present, the ring misses.

    • For use with LCMS (Course Creation System)
    • Unlimited use in system

    Technical Notes
    • This template is built into the LCMS.
    • It may be used an unlimited number of times in LCMS courses.
    • This template includes Flash components that may not be compatible with some tablet devices.

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    • System Requirements For use with LCMS (Course Creation System) Unlimited use in system

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