Course Creation Core

Let’s Make Courses!

  • The course creation core allows you to create online courses.

    The core is required for use of any of the hotspot, activity, or game templates. It is also required for publishing classroom and webinar offerings to storefront. Note that the core can be expanded by adding authors and “shelves” on which to publish courses. It’s your base for everything elearning—and it’s FREE!


    Core Features
    • 1 author
    • unlimited courses developed, but only 1 published
    • course components: text, graphics, SWFs, audio, PowerPoint import
    • course supplemental materials: Word, PDF, PowerPoint and Excel documents
    • course assessments: pre-assessment, quizzes, practice assessments, final exam
    • embedded end-of-course evaluation

    Technical Notes
    • The LCMS application is only available for Windows.
    • To deliver courses to learners, you will also need the free LMS core.

    • System Requirements For use with LCMS (Course Creation System)Unlimited use in system

    “Assessments. That would be my favorite. If I just need something quick, I throw together the basics and am in and out in no time. If the assessment is critical, I create question banks for each learning objective, specify number of questions to ask, configure the test to do exactly what I need—and get the data for analytics at the click of a button!”

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