Tabbed Scenario

Activity Template

  • The first tab sets up a problem or challenge. The learner is then asked to use reference material to solve a problem or make a decision. Choices may be categorized as good (green), potentially problematic (amber), or problematic (red). The feedback area provides plenty of room to respond directly to the choice made and guide the learner to deeper understanding.

    Recommended Usage

    Apply knowledge to real-world situations. Excellent for deeper investigation of datasheets, graphs, plans, and detailed visual reference materials.

    Multiple-choice Tabbed Scenario

    Content Requirements
    • Scenario
    • Visual reference
    • Question
    • Choices, each with feedback
    • Audio for scenario and feedback, if desired

    • For use with LCMS (Course Creation System)
    • Unlimited use in system

    Technical Notes
    • This template is built into the LCMS.
    • It may be used an unlimited number of times in LCMS courses.
    • This javascript-based template is compatible with most tablet devices.

  • $25.00

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    • System Requirements For use with LCMS (Course Creation System) Unlimited use in system

    “In the real world, my students have to read dense, data-rich material and process it. This template helps get them ready for that.”

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