Game Template

  • Can you make it to the top of the pyramid? Questions are drawn from 15 levels of increasing difficulty, grouped into three stages.

    If a learner is unsure of an answer, he or she can choose a lifeline (compass, wand, mentor). Each lifeline can be used only once per game session. When all lifelines are gone and an incorrect response is given, the game is over.

    To increase the challenge, learners can be required to respond to questions within a certain amount of time. Questions randomize to provide extensive opportunity for practice.

    Recommended Usage

    Real-world application problems that build in difficulty or complexity

    Content Requirements
    • Technical minimum: 15 multiple-choice questions
    • Recommended minimum: 45 multiple-choice questions (three or more questions per level)


    When the learner answers correctly, content-specific feedback reinforces thought process. Because the learner is given multiple attempts at the same question, feedback on incorrect responses is standardized.

    • For use with LCMS (Course Creation System)
    • Unlimited use in system

    Technical Notes
    • This template is built into the LCMS.
    • It may be used an unlimited number of times in LCMS courses.
    • This template includes Flash components that may not be compatible with some tablet devices.

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    • System Requirements For use with LCMS (Course Creation System) Unlimited use in system

    “Getting learner attention on key cases transformed the experience from theory and rules to real-world decisions. Games played a key role in exploring nuances, loopholes, and pitfalls.”

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