Instructors for Classroom Training


  • The Power of People


    How It Works

    With the FREE LMS Core, you can serve up online courses that learners can take at any time—very convenient and cost effective!

    Some content, however, and some activities such as mentoring, benefit greatly from face time with an expert trainer. Get hands-on. Open doors for questions and collaboration. Blend learning to maximize effectiveness. This upgrade allows you to add and track a wide range of instructor-led activities.

    • classroom / event-based training
    • discussion boards
    • scheduled mentoring
    • assessment of hands-on skill or performance

    Interested in selling classroom-based training? With this upgrade and a storefront, that too is a possibility!


    • For use with LMS (Learning Management Software and Upgrades)


    Technical Notes
    • This feature requires use of the LMS and LCMS.
    • The LMS is browser-based.


  • $250.00

    Coming Soon

    • System Requirements For use with LMS (Learning Management Software and Upgrades)

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