Author ECOMMERCE Software Pack


  • Open for Business

    Recommended for authors serious about creating courses

    • For internal audiences
    • And for sale to an external audience


    • 1 manager
    • limited number of learners
    • basic reports
    • basic certificates

    • customized logo and contact
    • 1 color theme for initial launch, 5 color themes from which to choose to be added before the end of the year
    • automatic flow of content from published courses in LCMS
    • opportunities for the addition of marketing pieces
    • ecommerce engine with ability to manage pricing, discounts, etc.
    • 24/7 customer support

    Technical Notes
    • Subscription-based SAAS model
    • LCMS: Windows only
    • LMS: Browser-based
    • Storefront: Browser-based, activity facilitated by support staff for initial launch
    • System Requirements Includes: LCMS, LMS, SF software

    “You know what I appreciate? The feedback. Feedback in terms of course evaluations—built in and easy to use. Feedback in terms of MONEY flowing in from course sales and satisfied customers. With the former, I keep the latter going strong!”