FAQs – Software Purchases and Terms

Have questions about purchasing 360 software and managing intellectual property? Browse the FAQs below. If you still have questions, complete the form and let us know! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • What are the terms and conditions of using the software?

    Most aspects of our EULA are industry standard. Two important features that LS360 provides, however, are that ability to sell content and make offers to other vendors to sell your content. We want to create a win-win environment. We keep your software costs as low as possible—FREE in many cases—enabling you to turn “know how” into product, and bootstrap your way to success. In return, we ask for a revenue share on all products sold through our systems. Further, by agreeing to the EULA, you agree that when you make an “offer” to a vendor that specifies a royalty amount, that “offer” will be treated as a contract—streamlining both your process and ours.

  • What are the technical specs for the software?

    Web-based course builder (Create Courses)

    • Broadband internet connection
    • Resolution: 1024×768 or higher, 7” display or larger recommended
    • CPU: 1.0 gigahertz (GHz) processor or higher (32-bit or 64-bit)
    • RAM: 512 MB RAM
    • Available disk space: 250 MB minimum
    • Browsers
      IE (support IE11+)
      Chrome (support 31+)
      FireFox (support 25+)
      Safari (support 5.1+)
    • Tablets
      iPad (support iOS 5.1+)
      Android (support 3.2+)

    LCMS (Create Courses)

    • Broadband internet connection
    • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    • Minimum 200 MHz processor with 32 MB RAM
    • Minimum XGA video card (resolution of 1024×768 pixels), driver, and monitor
    • Sound card with speakers or headphones

    LMS (Serve Courses and Manage Learners)

    • Broadband internet connection
    • Browser: FireFox, Internet Explorer (IE7, IE8, IE9), Chrome, or Safari. Cookies and javascript must be enabled. Some courses require Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    • Minimum 200 MHz processor with 32 MB RAM
    • Minimum XGA video card (resolution of 1024×768 pixels), driver, and monitor
    • Sound card with speakers or headphones

    Storefront (Sell Courses)

    • Broadband internet connection
    • Browser: FireFox, Internet Explorer (IE7, IE8, IE9), Chrome, or Safari.
    • Minimum 200 MHz processor with 32 MB RAM
    • Minimum XGA video card (resolution of 1024×768 pixels), driver, and monitor
  • What’s the difference between a “freemium” self-service account, and an “unlimited” corporate account?

    “Freemium” self-service accounts allow you to purchase software online. Some components are offered free of charge. Others require either a one-time or subscription-based payment. “Freemium” self-service accounts are ideal for individuals and small-to-medium businesses just getting started with online training, who want the freedom to explore what they need and incrementally expand their toolsets accordingly.

    “Unlimited” corporate accounts best serve medium-to-large businesses who have larger training and course development teams (5 or more individuals) planning on creating a library of courses (15 or more). If your organization would rather pay an annual fee for software and get everything—as many authors and managers as you need, all new software templates and features as they come out—then “unlimited” is the way to go.

    Note that 360training courses and/or entire course libraries intended to supplement offerings for learners in your organization can be added to either “Freemium” or “Unlimited” accounts. Please talk to our sales team about pricing and options!

    To resell 360training courses to customers please talk to our partner team.

  • Why are your prices so low?

    We are committed to making development and delivery of quality elearning a viable option for learning specialists everywhere. We strive to give you the opportunity to do your best work—and send that work out into the world to help others and create a revenue stream that fuels the process and keeps you and your organization going. We believe firmly that when you are successful, we are successful.

  • Do you ever run sales?

    Yes! We regularly run 24-hour flash sales. “Like” us on Facebook, or fill out the product page form, to receive notices.

  • The LCMS and LMS core are “free” now. Will they always be free?

    The current intent is to keep the core offerings “free.” It should be noted that accounts are set up as annual subscriptions. This helps us confirm that accounts are still active, and allows us to adjust financial approach if needed. A month before your subscription expires, you will receive an email letting you know the subscription period is about to end and will need to be renewed. If there is any change to the terms, you will receive notification at that time.

  • How do you measure the subscription period?

    365 days from the date of purchase.

  • How can I find out when my subscription for a certain feature will expire?

    Review your profile in the application in question.

  • What happens if I forget to renew before the end of the period?

    If your subscription to the core software expires, the entire account will be locked, for you and for any authors or managers you have associated with that account.

    If your subscription to a feature expires, the feature will turn off. For example, if you had signed up for an extra author, and that author account expired, the system will lock the account for that author.

    The simplest thing is to keep an eye out for those reminders and renew prior to the date!

  • Do I have to get all the software pieces I want at once?

    Purchase features as you need them. An account review at checkout ensures that you have all the core features you need to support the items you have put in your cart. The only downside of incremental purchases is that you may have multiple subscription renewal dates.

  • As the account owner, do I have to be the one to purchase extra pieces of software?

    The individual who made the original purchase will be in the system as the account owner. The account owner signed the EULA and is responsible for the account and all activity on the account. Subsequent purchases, therefore, need to be through this account owner login. Please call customer service to have the account owner changed.

  • Do I have to get the core—or can I, for instance, just get one of the games?

    For all features associated with creating courses, you must have the LCMS core—which is FREE.

    For all features associated with serving courses up to end learners or creating classroom / alternate offerings, you must have the LMS core—which is FREE.

    Storefront is currently a single offering. If you are a VAR or are selling physical product, that is all you will need. If, however, you want to sell your own online courses, you will need both the LCMS and LMS cores—both of which are FREE.

  • Does the course creation tool come with royalty-free images?

    Not at this time. We are happy to make recommendations as to vendors who can provide such images. You may also choose to use a digital camera to create images of your own. There is a wide range of tools you might use to help process and refine those images. We also have some favorites there. Please note that it is NOT acceptable to put images you found on the web in your online courses UNLESS you have explicit written permission to do so from the originator of that image. You are legally responsible for all content you put into your courses.

  • I already have course creation software that I like to use. Can I use that instead?

    Yes. If you just need something special on the page, stand-alone SWFs can be uploaded into scenes in the LCMS course builder. If, on the other hand, you create an entire course in another tool, if you can save it out as SCORM 1.2, it can be uploaded via the LMS interface.

  • I have SCORM courses that I would like to sell. Can those go into the system?

    Yes. Once you upload the SCORM 1.2 course via the LMS, it will create a record in the LCMS. Make adjustments to course data as needed, assign a course group, then publish to your storefront.

  • What if I have questions about how to use the software?

    Please see our support page.

  • What if I want to move my content to another system?

    Native LCMS courses can be exported as SCORM for an additional fee.

  • If I put my content into the tool, who owns the intellectual property?

    The intellectual property inherent in the course content remains yours. The software that serves up that content remains the intellectual property of 360training.

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