FAQs – Our New Web-based Course Builder

  • Our new web-based course builder is a new, more user-friendly interface to our existing desktop-based learning content management system (LCMS)—making it easier and more convenient than ever to make courses—anywhere, any time, on just about any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone).

    Someday, it will have all the powerful features of its illustrious predecessor, but right now, it’s basic. And it’s a “beta.” We were too excited to keep these tools all to ourselves and wanted your feedback early in the process.

    So please pardon some of the remaining irregularities as we prepare the “gold” version of the product and let us know what you think. What’s working for you? What would you like to see?

    Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and let us know!

  • Where can I get the new web-based course builder?

    Click here to sign up for our FREE course authoring tools.

  • I just signed up and activated my account. Now what?

    1. Log in. When you first activate your account, you will be taken immediately to the login page. (For subsequent logins, click the Log In link on the authoring site home page, which will take you to https://wlcms.360training.com/lcms/login.)

    2. Then, on the What Would You Like to Do screen, click the Create Online Course option.

  • I forgot my username and/or my password! Help!

    1. Click here to retrieve your username or password. You will at least need to know the email address you used when you signed up.

    2. Then, click the Log In link on the authoring site home page, which will take you to https://wlcms.360training.com/lcms/login.

  • What’s the difference between the web-based course builder and the LCMS?

    Both the new web-based course builder and the older desktop LCMS point to the same backend system, and serve up courses to the same LMS system.

    The LCMS requires a download to the author’s machine and was only available on PCs. The new web-based course builder requires no download. All activity is handled through your browser. It works on PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS devices.

    The LCMS has a quirky, sometimes complex interface. The web-based course builder workflow is much simpler.

    The LCMS has many hotspot, activity, and game templates. At present the web-based course builder has none, but these will be added in the weeks to come.

    The LCMS has many settings both for running the course and the assessments within that course. At present the web-based course builder is significantly simpler. We will be adding in this functionality over time.

  • What if I want to use some of the desktop LCMS features in a course?

    You can see all your web-based courses in your desktop LCMS account. Just keep in mind that certain LCMS features are not available in the web-based interface at this time, so once you switch over to LCMS, you should continue to edit that course in LCMS.

  • Which browsers are supported by the web-based course builder?

    The web-based course builder was designed to work on the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome, and Safari.

  • Saving in the web-based course builder

    The best way to ensure that course content is saved is to click the blue Save button.

    On the Content page, we are working on a strategy to save whenever you close a content area. Right now, this works when you close an area from the top heading bar, but not when you close it from the bottom bar.

  • Searching for a course in the web-based course builder

    The search fields in the header are not yet operational.

    For now, when you first enter the application, on the What would you like to do? page, click the Find My Courses tile to see all the courses you have made.

    If you are already in a course, click the Create link in the breadcrumb to return to the What would you like to do? page.

  • Searching for a visual, video, or audio asset in the web-based course builder

    When you click a Find Asset button and the search window comes up, you will have the opportunity to enter search terms. Note that at this time, search terms must be greater than 3 characters in length to ensure good performance. We are working to allow more comprehensive searches.

  • Display in the web-based course builder is not performing as expected

    Under certain conditions, particularly in the Content area, panels may cease to open and close properly. To resolve this, move out of the Content area (for example, click the Overview area), and then go back into the Content area. The issues will typically be resolved.

  • Publishing in the web-based course builder

    For now, make sure the course is exactly as you want it BEFORE you click the Publish button. We are still working on the Publishing feature for the web-based course builder. At present, the first publish event is wonderfully successful—but subsequent changes are not pushed out on publish.

  • Making an “Offer” in the web-based course builder

    We are still working on the Offer feature for the web-based course builder. To make an offer to 360training to sell your course through the 360 network, first make sure your course has at least been published to your learning management center. That puts the course in a state where people besides yourself can see it! Then click Publishing in the left navigation, Offer on 360 Marketplace in the left navigation submenu, and then Make Offer on the Offer on 360 Marketplace page. If you have any difficulty with this, send us a note via the form at the bottom of this page.

  • I’m done! How do I assign the course to a learner?

    1. If you are already logged in, click the dropdown menu next to your profile picture and select Manager mode. Alternately, if you are not already logged in, go to the Learning Management Center and log in with the same username and password you use for the course creation tools.

    2. If this is your first time in this area, watch the movie about being a manager. It will show you how to set up users and assign courses. Note that you are already a user in the system, so you can assign the course to yourself, if you would like to experience it as a learner! You switch between “Manager” and “Learner” modes via the dropdown in the bottom right corner.

    3. To return to Author mode from Manager or Learner mode, click the dropdown in the bottom right corner and select Author Mode.


  • Questions? Comments?