More About Tools and 360 Software

360training has the systems you need to turn your ideas and subject matter expertise into marketable courses that help people learn.

From a tools perspective, to be successful as an elearning author, you’ll need 3 things:

Your subject matter knowledge and our tools and know-how can be quite a combination!


Beyond Authoring

Our Learning Suite 360 (LS360), however, goes beyond just authoring and selling courses, extending functionality into regulatory compliance, accreditation, and school management.

In addition, LS360 integrates with PREDICT—regulatory change and risk management software developed by our sister company, 360Factors, creating a strong line of sight between organizational compliance goals and the processes and training that support them.

Course Creation System (LCMS): Fifteen-minute rush job to get a PowerPoint course online and out to learners? Eighty-hour training program with complex learning objectives and deep assessment? This course builder handles them all.

Instructor Module: Blend learning and expand your options! This module brings learning face to face—or virtual face—with support for classroom, webinar, mentoring, and assessment of hands-on skill or performance. Deliver and track learning in all its forms.

Learning Management System (LMS): From organizational structure to training plans, surveys and alerts to customized reports, our learning management system helps make critical connections.

Regulatory and Accreditation Module: Have you taken the extra step of getting your courses accredited? This module tracks regulator information and regulatory approvals, allows you to upload special certificates and affidavits, and makes it possible to apply jurisdiction control over course configurations—allowing a single course to comply with differences in requirements.

eCommerce Storefront (SF): Create a revenue stream by offering your courses to consumers, vendors, affiliates, and others who would benefit from your courses. Our out-of-the-box storefront gets you set up quickly. With its industry-grade ecommerce engine, 24/7 technical support, and dynamic pull of course offerings, bringing courses to market is well within reach.

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