A sizzling summer—and shimmering success!

  • 360training.com’s LS360 Celebrated Again for Learning Portal Excellence

    August 28, 2014 | Austin, Texas

    While some might browse among the coolest travel spots for their summer adventures, TrainingIndustry.com went around the world looking for the very best of learning portals—and LS360 again ranked among the top twenty learning portal companies for 2014.

    So what makes a great learning portal?



    For learning adventures, you want a provider on whom you can rely. TrainingIndustry.com challenged prospects for commitment to the corporate training market and proven track record. We gave them 14 years, 15 industries, 7,000+ courses, 300+ regulators, and more than 3 million students.



    Reliability might not be enough to support jaw-dropping journeys. You need substance. In the learning portals they reviewed, TrainingIndustry.com sought breadth of functionality and capabilities. LS360 goes the extra mile. With our LCMS, you can quickly create anything from custom just-in-time courses to 80-hour epic learning interventions designed to transform learners and sculpt knowledge and skills. Whether custom or off-the-shelf, our LMS makes it simple to get key content to learners and track their performance. But that’s not all. Never content with a partial solution, our out-of-the-box storefront provides innovative ways to sell courses to a wider audience—or charge internal audiences for training—and send revenue flowing back into the system.



    These top learning portals needed to be more than just solid. They needed to be meaningful and forward-facing. TrainingIndustry.com evaluated portals for innovation and impact. We again showed them a company that’s slowly changing the world, one course at a time, opening the doors to all with ability and motivation. Our safety and financial services authors are creating courses critical to the industry—while our software and process provide to them the critical support they need to make that real-world impact. By approaching problems holistically and collaboratively, together, we make a positive difference.



    Finally, a true learning adventure can’t just stay at home. In the true spirit of summer and growth, TrainingIndustry.com sought geographic reach as a key component for future growth. 360training.com gave them an anywhere, any time, cloud-based solution serving both organizations and individual learners across the globe. Continuing our commitment to international audiences, we released Spanish language support and have lined up in the wings a host of other languages, soon to arrive!

    What a summer—and what a year! 360training.com looks forward to 2015 and solutions designed to take both the learner and the author-trainer experience to a whole new level.

    Onward and upward!