Behind Closed Doors

Bullet Victorino September 26, 2013 0

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The faster everything gets around us the lesser we pay attention to minute details that have huge consequences when neglected. In the corporate world that we live in, every walk, skip and hop opens
a door to the next floor atop. We tend to ignore the basics and just trudge on just like everyone else.

In this fast paced world, people think that sexual harassment is no longer a big issue. That it’s just a myth at the back recesses of our minds. But it is real, it is indeed happening and a lot of ordinary men, women and even members of the third sex are suffering everyday by the pains brought upon by workplace sexual harassment.

Experts say that, 7 out of 10 people that complain about sexual harassment would simply choose not to tell anyone about their experiences because they’re afraid to lose their jobs, be looked down upon and worst, they don’t want to be branded as attention grabbers.

Understanding how sexual harassment in the workplace happens and how it can be avoided is the first step that every business should take, may it be big or small. It’s every business owner’s responsibility to make sure that Sexual Harassment is stopped by circulating information and letting everyone know that sexual harassment is real and it happens even in places where you least expect it.

The growing need for Sexual Harassment Awareness Training has drastically increased in numbers; more and more companies are investing in getting all their employees trained for avoiding sexual harassment in the workplace so everyone has the know-how on how to stop sexual harassment from happening before it even begins. Because almost everyone knows that there are a lot of things happening behind closed doors.

If you feel that your company needs some help in getting everyone educated about this important topic, you can visit today to check out our Sexual Harassment courses that can help you or your company put a stop to this ever growing concern that happens behind closed doors.


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