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Diversity – Leveling the playing field

Bullet Victorino December 5, 2013 0
Diversity – Leveling the playing field

Diversity in the workplace has made it possible for a lot of businesses to develop a more dynamic and exciting working environment for all of their employees. Working for a multinational organization for more than 9 years has taught me a lot of things about diversity and respect towards everyone that is part of the workplace.

Although diversity in the workplace is common for most companies, a lot of companies are still trapped in an old fashioned stupor and do not allow other nationalities to work or even join the organization and if ever they do, they won’t allow them to compete for a higher job grade or work on a level that is the same with most of the company’s employees.

It is a reality that some companies are still having difficulty in accepting the differences of other people. The type of discrimination can range from skin color, race, religious beliefs and even physical deficiencies. It may be hard to imagine for you and me but it is real and it is happening to a lot of people that we know and some even care about. People are being harassed and discriminated day after day. I have seen this type of inequality, and it makes me want to cry out in pain.

A lot of companies provide training and counseling to their employees so they can accept diversity and accept their office mates even though they belong to a different race.  See Harassment and Discrimination Prevention. This is a perfect example of how, diversity and inclusion can affect workforce performance and betterment. Studies show that more and more individuals are now keener on accepting workers from different countries, color and race because of diversity and inclusion training courses.


A few years ago, I was also a victim of racism. I was a part of a delegation that was sent out to a certain state in the U.S., at first everything was just like back home. People greeted from all directions, my coworkers would send over projects and tasks that they needed help with and then it happened. It was just like any other work day. I was in a conference call with my curriculum development team back home when suddenly one of the employees in that site banged on my door and very rudely asked me to step out of my office  because he needed it to conduct an interview. At first I was surprised, but after a few minutes it sank in. I was furious! It was the first time I ever experienced racism, and for me it was an eye opener. Here I was working for a multinational company that had offices across the globe but still had problems with diversity.

After my terrible experience it made me more cautious of my own actions. I paid more attention to people’s feelings and made sure that I was very democratic and ethical every time I talked and worked with other people. Now, if you think that your company or the person that you work with is have a hard time coping with the diversity of the workforce that they are a part of, you can help them buy pointing them over to our website, www.360training.com where they can check out different Diversity and Inclusion training courses in our HR, Ethics and Compliance Library.

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