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Devices iPad as an iReader:  An Orientation for Teachers

iPad as an iReader: An Orientation for Teachers

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  • Course Delivery: On Demand
  • Duration: 1.25 
  • Language: English
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Audience: Apple device users, educators

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The potential appeal of Apples iPad/iPad 2 as a reader for electronic books and documents (an i-Reader, if you will) can be summed up as “Big Touch, Small Package.”

This workshop provides an orientation, as much as possible from an educator’s perspective, to the e-Reading capabilities of the iPad, to some emerging trends in e-Reading, and to iPad accessibility options that are pertinent to its use as an e-Reader. There are also some practical lessons on self-publishing and managing content for reading on the iPad.

Topics Covered

The iPad as an iReader: Primary Apps

  • Installing the iBooks application
  • Working with bookmarks in iBooks
  • Exploring more iBooks feature: brightness, text size, and search
  • Accessing the iBookstore
  • Identifying potential weaknesses of the iPad as an eReader
  • Using the Kindle App for the iPad
  • Managing the Kindle App’s library of books on the iPad
  • Managing an iBooks library
  • Finding udpates to iBooks
  • Exploring the Barnes and Noble (BN) Reader App for iPad
  • Exploring a different kind of Reader: vBookz
  • Using a reader for researchers: The Papers App

Working with the ePub Format

  • Presenting an overview of the ePub format
  • Converting PDFs to ePub with ePub2go
  • Creating an ePub document with Sigil
  • Moving an ePub document or eBook into iTunes
  • Viewing an ePub in iBooks after synching with iTunes
  • Self-publishing an eBook through ePubBud.com
  • Self-publishing eBooks to the iBookstore
  • Using Project Gutenberg to find free ePub eBooks
  • Using Stanza Desktop to view and edit ePub documents for the iPad
  • Using the Stanza App on the iPad pt. 1
  • Using the Stanza App on the iPad pt. 2

The Concept of “Books as Apps”

  • Presenting an overview of “Books as Apps”
  • Exploring Books as Apps: WIRED Magainze
  • Exploring Books as Apps: USA Today
  • Exploring Books as Apps: The New York Times
  • Exploring Books as Apps: NPR
  • Exploring Books as Apps: SKyGrid
  • Exploring Books as Apps: Betty Crocker
  • Exploring Books as Apps: WebMD

Managing PDFs and Other Content

  • Reading PDFs in your email
  • Opening an emailed PDF in GoodReader
  • Reading Web pages offline with GoodReader
  • Creating PDFs from the Pages App
  • Using iTunes to manage your iBooks ePub content
  • Using iTunes File Sharing to synch documents with iPad apps

iPad Accessibility Options

  • Enabling iPad Accessibility options
  • Reading books with Voiceover
  • Enabling white-on-black reading
  • Enabling

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