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Big Data Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate

Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate

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  • Course Delivery: On Demand
  • Duration: 32 
  • Language: English
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Audience: Data Professionals

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  • 16 hours of high-quality e-learning content
  • 22 hands-on lab exercises and 4 hands-on industry projects
  • Course provided through Tableau Alliance Partner
  • Mobile friendly


    Tableau Desktop 9 associate imparts knowledge so that a professional can take up a job assignment requiring Tableau Desktop expertise. The course has been specifically designed to give your Tableau career a strong boost. The focus of the course is to help you learn Tableau Desktop 9 skills, such as visualization building, analytics and dashboards.

    This Tableau course focuses on helping you clear Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate certification exam of Tableau. The course also contains 4 industry projects which will help you gain real world experience in Tableau Desktop 9 industry application.


    Course Objectives

    With the Tableau Desktop 9 course, you will be able to:

    • Grasp the concepts of Tableau Desktop 9 and become proficient with Tableau statistics and building interactive dashboards
    • Master data connections as well as organizing and simplifying data
    • Become expert in formatting, annotations and spatial analysis
    • Master Special Field Types and Tableau Generated Fields
    • Understand the concepts of using charts including pareto, waterfall, gantt, box plots, sparkline and also perform market basket analysis
    • Become expert in fundamental calculations along with automatic and custom split, ad-hoc analytics, and LOD calculations
    • Master process of Creating and Using Parameters and gain command over mapping concepts such as custom geocoding and radial selections

    Topics Covered

    How to become a Certified Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate?

    There is no eligibility criteria to appear for the exam and is recommended for professionals who have some experience working with Tableau. To get the certification follow these steps:

    1. Study thoroughly and it is suggested to join a classroom training to learn Tableau and to have a solid foundation for the exam and gain hands on experience in Tableau through industry projects
    2. Visit the tableau site at http://www.tableau.com/support/certification and read about the certification and register for the exam
    3. Tech-check your computer and prepare your environment
    4. It is a 2 hour exam with a passing score of 75% and include multiple choice, multiple response, true/false, matching type questions
    5. Exam scores for Qualification and Delta level exams will be provided 24-48 hours after completing your exam. Final scores for Certification level exams will be provided two-three weeks after completing your exam.
    6. Should you pass, a PDF certificate will be ready for download after receiving your results, as well as an option to showcase your title on your LinkedIn profile (available for Version 9 titles only). You can log in to your exam dashboard through the Tableau Exam Portal to access these options.

    How will you do the projects and get the experience certificate?

    • Problem statements along with Data points are provided in the Learning Management System.
    • On the completion of the Tableau online training, you have to submit the project which will be evaluated by the trainer. On successful evaluation of the project and completion of the online exam (with a minimum score of 75%), you will get an experience certificate from Simplilearn for Tableau Desktop 9.

    What projects will you be working on?

    Project 1

    Problem Statement:
    According to the Performance Evaluation Program, the subcategory yielding consistent profit across last 4 years is awarded as the Best Performing Subcategory in its respective category. Hence, Harry Clare, the manager of a retail company requires a dashboard that will help him view the yearly profits and sales for all the subcategories in its corresponding categories. Also, to search and write a few lines on the winning subcategory, he wants a web search functionality that will help him prepare and finalize the Award program script.

    Project 2

    Problem Statement:
    The board of directors of a newly established furniture brand is planning to tie-up with a well-known advertising campaign company.  This will help the enterprise improve sales and extend their business. For this, the Senior Sales Executive requires to create a single sheet analysis that will help the campaign members examine the state-wise profit generated by the brand along with their population and culture details. For a profound analysis, the executive also wants to provide the city-wise performance along with their top 10 items in terms of sales and profit. All these aspects will help them make effective campaign decisions.

    Project 3

    Problem Statement:
    Flex Williams, the Sales supervisor of a retail store is devising to re-design the production and distribution strategy for various products. For this, he needs to view the manufacturers grouped according to sales buckets of 50000 across each state and city. In addition, he wants to analyze the products’ sales performance, as well as the products across all years for each manufacturer.

    Project 4

    Problem Statement:
    The global market today is evolving fiercely. Product betterment has become an integral part in meeting customer demands. For this, Fargo Clark, the Sales Operation Manager of a German retail industry requires to maintain the quality and comply with the changing consumer expectations. Hence, he needs to conduct a Performance Evaluation Program, to analyze the departmental sales on a monthly basis. To gain a detailed insight, he also wants to view the categorical performance against the average profit in each state.


    Quiz Information

    Twelve end-of-chapter quizzes and four simulation exams


    Additional Information

    What are the System Requirements?

    • Microsoft Windows Vista SP2 or newer (32-bit and 64-bit)
    • Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron processor or newer
    • 2 GB memory
    • 750 MB minimum free disk space

    How will the Labs be conducted?

    We will help you to install licensed version of Tableau Desktop 9 on your machine. You will be provided with login credentials to access and use licensed version of Tableau desktop 9.0.

    How to access the licensed version of Tableau 9?

    Kindly follow the steps below:

    1. Navigate to http://www.tableau.com/products/desktop.
    2. Click on “Try it Free” to start downloading.
    3. Begin installation after download.
    4. Follow the wizard till you reach the “Activate Tableau” screen and click on “Activate”.
    5. Enter the key provided to you (by a following email) and click on “Activate”.
    6. Finish the installation and Tableau will be activated.

    In case you do not receive the email please reach out to support for the key.

    Please note the key can be used for only 1 copy of the software and is strictly for your own use. Do not share the key with anyone else.

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