Reporting SQL Basics

SQL Basics

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  • Course Delivery: On Demand
  • Duration: 2.5 
  • Language: English
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Audience: Database users

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In this online training series, you will learn how to write SQL statements that enable you to query databases. The series will start with basic queries showing how to display data within a database and then move to more complex queries involving multiple tables. The training also covers many of the SQL functions that allow you to manipulate the data within the database. Upon completion of this series you will be thoroughly versed in SQL and writing queries for your database.

Course Objectives

Getting Started

  • What you will learn in this training
  • Designing and structuring of database
  • Writing SQL statements
  • Selecting columns from a table
  • Removing duplicate entries from a selection
  • Selecting specific records
  • Ordering the recordset output
  • Inserting records into your database
  • Updating a record in a database
  • Deleting a record from a database

Advanced Search Functions

  • Limiting number of rows returned
  • Searching for specific values using wildcards
  • Exploring the difference between equals and like
  • Using wildcards to expand your search
  • Specifying multiple values using the where clause
  • Selecting a range of values

Searching Multiple Tables

  • Joining tables with at least one match
  • Creating left and right join queries
  • Creating full join queries
  • Combining the results of two, separate select statements
  • Renaming a table reference

Creating and Structuring Databases

  • Using SQL to create a database
  • Auto-incrementing recordset data
  • Using SQL to create a database table
  • Backing up data using SQL
  • Constraining data using SQL
  • Creating a primary and foreign key
  • Limiting data entered into a column
  • Setting to default value of a record
  • Creating table indexes
  • Deleting and dropping tables and databases
  • Modifying tables and databases

Special Data Functions and Instructions

  • Creating data views
  • Finding null data

Working with Dates

  • Understanding the date data type
  • Returning the current date and time
  • Returning a specific part of a date
  • Adding and subtracting from a specific date
  • Returning the difference between two dates

SQL Functions

  • Returning the average value of a column
  • Returning the number of rows that match the data
  • Returning the first and last record of a table
  • Returning the highest or lowest value of a column
  • Summing up all values within a numeric column
  • Grouping by one or more columns
  • Returning specific data from aggregate functions
  • Converting strings to upper and lowercase
  • Returning the length of the values within a column
  • Rounding the value of data within a numeric column

Knowledge Assessments

  • Getting Started
  • Advanced Search Functions
  • Searching Multiple Tables
  • Creating and Structuring Databases
  • Special Data Functions and Instructions
  • Working with Dates
  • SQL Functions

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