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Reporting SQL: Fundamentals of Querying (SQL-QueryFund)

SQL: Fundamentals of Querying (SQL-QueryFund)


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  • Course Delivery: Virtual Classroom
  • Duration: 1 
  • Language: English
  • Audience: IT Professionals

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You have access to company databases and your job may require you to retrieve data from these databases. Retrieval of information from a database is dependent on precisely ordered logic and specific information. The course, SQL: Fundamentals of Querying will help you use Structured Query Language (SQL) as a tool to implement logic and define instructions.


Any person with basic computer skills, familiar with concepts related to database structure and terminology, and wants to use SQL to query databases.

Course Objectives

  • Connect to the SQL Server database and execute a simple query;
  • Include a search condition in a simple query;
  • Use various functions based on the data types to perform calculations on data;
  • Organize the data obtained from the query before it is displayed on the screen;
  • Retrieve data from tables;
  • Format the output, save the result, and generate a report.

Topics Covered

Lesson 1: Executing a Simple Query
  •    Connect to the Database
  •    Query the Database
  •    Save a Query
  •    Modify a Query
  •    Execute a Saved Query

Lesson 2: Performing a Conditional Search
  •    Search Using a Simple Condition
  •    Compare Column Values
  •    Search Using Multiple Conditions
  •    Search for a Range of Values and Null Values
  •    Retrieve Data Based on Patterns

Lesson 3: Working with Functions
  •    Perform Date Calculations
  •    Calculate Data Using Aggregate Functions
  •    Manipulate String Values

Lesson 4: Organizing Data
  •    Sort Data
  •    Rank Data
  •    Group Data
  •    Filter Grouped Data
  •    Summarize Grouped Data
  •    Use PIVOT and UNPIVOT Operators

Lesson 5: Retrieving Data from Tables
  •    Combine Results of Two Queries
  •    Compare the Results of Two Queries
  •    Retrieve Data by Joining Tables
  •    Check for Unmatched Records
  •    Retrieve Information from a Single Table Using Joins

Lesson 6: Presenting Query Results
  •    Save the Query Result
  •    Generate an XML Report


To ensure your success, we recommend you first take a Windows XP Level 1 course, or have equivalent skills and knowledge of Windows XP Level 1.


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