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The Changing State of the Food Industry

Krista Fredrick November 10, 2014 0

The Changing State of the Food Industry  Ask any millennial what their favorite show on the Food Network is and, more than likely, they’ll be able to give you a pretty straight answer. This generation grew up in an age when knowing how to cook was just becoming “cool.” More chefs began to enjoy world fame and celebrity status never seen before in the food industry. Some, such as Alton Brown and Emeril Lagasse (“Bam!”), have gotten their own cooking shows.

Now, the millennial generation that grew up in this environment is growing up and is changing the landscape of the food industry as we know it. How? Let us explain…

Meal Delivery and Food Truck Trends

These days, it’s no longer necessary to venture out to a sit-down restaurant to grab a great meal. Instead, an increasing number of restaurants has begun to offer delivery, and food trucks have even begun to pop up in big cities across the country. In fact, some services such as the popular GrubHub even connect users to local restaurants that offer delivery and allow them to order from the comfort of their own computers or mobile devices!

Another form of meal delivery that’s begun to take the nation by storm is Plated (and similar companies), which delivers fresh ingredients to make the customer’s meal of choice. The ingredients are pre-measured and ready-to-go, making meal planning and restaurant-quality food at home easier than ever.

Leaning Towards Healthier Options

It’s not the 1950s anymore. Today’s diners typically aren’t looking for quick, greasy, unhealthy food. Instead, they are willing to pay more for fresh, healthy food, and they’re willing to wait for it, too. A lot of this probably has to do with America’s growing obesity problem making headlines on a regular basis. It’s also true that the millennial generation realizes the importance of being healthy and staying in shape. They’re also better educated when it comes to knowing their healthy food options.

As a result, restaurants that want to stay competitive need to offer more healthy dishes than ever. We’ve noticed that many restaurants now offer a “healthy options” section on their menus in addition to healthier substitutions for traditional side dishes.

Crowdfunding Trends

If there’s one word that can describe the millennial generation in a nutshell, it’s “innovative.” Whereas starting a restaurant would have taken years of planning, saving, and applying for business loans/grants in the past, today’s resourceful owners-to-be have been successful raising the money they need through crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding sites, such as the popular, make it possible for anybody to raise money towards a goal without the need to apply for loans with private financial institutions. Instead, those seeking funding can start a campaign and website users who believe in the cause can donate as much or as little as they’d like.

This trend has become a great resource for aspiring restaurant owners. Many of them have been able to come up with the funding they need to launch their own restaurants, food trucks, and meal delivery services across the country.

To say that the food industry has changed a lot in the past few decades is a huge understatement. Still, it’s pretty safe to say that the millennial generation has had a lot to do with these changes, and only time will tell where the food industry will go from here.


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