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Five Tips to Reduce Liquor Liability

Krista Fredrick June 2, 2014 0
Five Tips to Reduce Liquor Liability

Tips to Reduce Liquor Liability


Operating a restaurant or bar establishment where alcohol is served can be prosperous but, also, comes with a large number of legal risks and liabilities.  As a business establishment, it is important that you take the steps below to protect your business from potential liability issues.

  • Investing in Alcohol Server Training. Alcohol server training is absolutely essential in ensuring that your staff can recognize the effects of intoxication, underage drinkers, and proper serving techniques.
  • Knowing Liquor Laws.  Having knowledge of local and state liquor laws will make sure that you have the proper permits.
  • Recognizing Intoxicated Customers.  By requiring your employees to take a mandatory alcohol server training class, they will be able to identify signs and refuse service to patrons who are intoxicated.  Signs to watch for include slurred speech, tiredness, and stumbling.
  • Requiring bartenders to properly measure portions when mixing drinks and monitor patron consumption. Bartenders who properly measure portions when mixing drinks are better equipped to monitor a customer’s consumption and less likely to over serve.
  • Promoting Safe Transportation.  Partner with a local cab service or a vendor such as UBER to provide discounted or free rides home.

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, up to 85 percent of alcohol-serving establishments fail to cut off intoxicated customers regardless of existing laws on over-service.  This statistic is alarming given the fact that the owners and, even, the bartenders of establishments where alcohol is served can be sued if the intoxicated customer causes a car accident, or hurts themselves or other individuals.  This is why it is imperative that restaurant and bar owners take the necessary steps to reduce the risk of alcohol-related liability incidents.

Since 1997, 360training (Learn2Serve) has trained over 500,000 food and beverage professionals.  The comprehensive Learn2Serve Alcohol Server/Seller training program is three-hours long and designed to help businesses mitigate risks and be responsible sellers and servers of alcohol.

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