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Environmental Health and Safety

360training.com is the leading online real estate school for industry professionals in need of training for real estate licensure, post licensure, continuing education and ongoing professional development.

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Free Courses for Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety Introduction to OSHA and the OSH Act (GI)
Introduction to OSHA and the OSH Act (GI)
7 Reviews
$40.00 FREE
Environmental Health and Safety Confined Space Entry (C)
Confined Space Entry (C)
8 Reviews
$20.00 FREE
Environmental Health and Safety Business Ethics - Advanced: Ethical Leadership (Compliance Snapshot)
Business Ethics - Advanced: Ethical Leadership (Compliance Snapshot)
6 Reviews
$1.00 FREE
HR, Ethics, & Compliance Legal Liabilities of Asbestos Inspectors
Legal Liabilities of Asbestos Inspectors
$45.00 FREE
Asbestos Safety Training Hazard Recognition and Assessment Training
Hazard Recognition and Assessment Training
3 Reviews
$20.00 FREE
Environmental Health and Safety 30 Hour General Industry Outreach Study Guide
30 Hour General Industry Outreach Study Guide
12 Reviews
$59.95 FREE
4.8 171 Reviews 305699 Student Enrollments
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Stars


Philadelphia, PA

Excellent course


El Dorado Springs, MO

Very informative.


Bartlett, TN

The training course taught me a lot of things needed for construction type work zones!


California City, CA

I love the fact that it explains the lessons in detail, you can listing to the audio while you read along. Then you have to read when the audio cuts off.


Anchorage, AK

This was the most practical class I have ever taken for a job.


Las Vegas, NV

Its a very informational asked course. It has all the right stuff to know to help prevent accidents at work


Perth Amboy, NJ

This course is extremely helpful and provides the user with all the necessary resources to be safe in the field.


Huntsville, AL

This coursr will have everyone thinknig about their safety and environmental safety as well.


Saddle Brook, NJ

Very interesting. Very thorough.


Las Vegas, NV

Easy to understand

More About Real Estate Education


How To Become A Real Estate Agent - A Quick Checklist

You are serious about getting a career in real estate. What do you do next? We've provided a check list of things you need to do to get your career started.

1. Familiarize yourself.

Start in your neighborhood. Take a look around, visit places you often pass by, talk to people and just be familiar with everything! A career in real estate is based on personal interactions. So you need to familiarize yourself with people and places to start building your network. You'll never know who might need your expertise!

2. Check state requirements.

Each state has its own set of requirements to follow. Contact your state's real estate commission to know the specific requirements. Or better yet, visit www.360training.com to see the list of licensing requirements for each state. It's all in there!

3. Get educated.

No matter where state you come from, you need to get a pre license courses. Choosing a good school is important because you also need to get continuing education courses to renew your license. Opt for a school with a good reputation, offers high quality courses and can accommodate your busy schedule.

4. Choose a brokerage.

A brokerage is the agency or office where real estate agents and brokers work. Working with a broker is a requirement in order to practice so you must contact a brokerage before graduating. When choosing a broker, think about the size, reputation and additional training offered.

5. Get licensed.

Now that you've got everything covered, you can now take the real estate exam and get licensed! Just remember to enroll in a good school so you can get the necessary training and knowledge to ace the exam.

Choosing a Real Estate School: Go for the Best Fit
Getting educated is one of the crucial steps when starting your real estate career. A certain school may be the best for this person but may not work for you. Choose a school that best fits YOUR needs. Consider the following before signing up with any school.

1. Budget.

How much are you allotting for your education? Check out the TOTAL cost of the school-it includes tuition and other fees, transportation, books and supplies and living expenses. Where is the school located? How much is the cost of living there? If your preferred school exceeds your budget, it may be better to consider other good options, like online education.

2. Mode of instruction.

Are you going for the typical classroom setting or considering online education? If you are planning to be a full-time student, a typical classroom setting maybe a good choice. But if you are a working student or a student parent, or you simply want to take more control of your studies, online education may work best for you.

3. Quality of education.

Whichever school you choose, quality of education MUST always be considered. Will you be getting a high-quality education that will be worth your money? Are the courses designed by experts? Will it be relevant to the field you're studying? Do some research-read forums, ask people, get feedback. Be patient. After all, you are choosing your PARTNER to your success.

360training.com is continuously expanding our library of online courses, e-books, textbooks, and additional resources to help real estate students prepare for a new career, pass the state exam, renew a license and achieve greater success in their careers.

In addition, 360training.com offers corporate solutions to real estate industry professionals and has helped many institutions deliver their courses and products online. Affiliate opportunities are available to interested companies.

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