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HR Compliance

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Working in the specific context of a company, bound by its code of conduct, accountable to its management, and guided by its way of doing things requires getting to know some non-negotiable essentials.'s Employment Essentials equips employees with knowledge to move around effectively within the company and to avoid the pitfalls of organizational ignorance.

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    Human resources compliance training form the backbone of the modern workplace, guiding how employees function within an organization and beyond. Consistent HR training is the primary tool for avoiding risks of fines, lawsuits, and workplace accidents. It also helps welcome new employees and develop the talents of existing employees to blend into the organizational culture.

    With these courses, HR managers have all the courses they need to get new hires up to speed and help existing workers stay up to date with all major HR Compliance issues companies face. HR compliance courses cover sexual harassment, code of conduct, bullying, discrimination, business ethics, productive workplace relationships, regulatory risks and red flags, and workplace safety.

    Who Should Take This Training Series?

    New employees for onboarding training
    Existing employees
    Managers and supervisors
    Departmental and functional heads

    Courses (76)

    AB 1825: Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers (Spanish Version)

    • Course Delivery: On Demand
    • Credit Hours:
    • Audience: Managers
    • Language: English

    Arbitration and Mediation

    • Course Delivery: On Demand
    • Credit Hours:

    Back Injury Prevention

    • Course Delivery: On Demand
    • Credit Hours:

    BBP for Healthcare

    • Course Delivery: On Demand
    • Credit Hours:
    *indicates Course Duration. This Course is not for Credit Hours.
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    Harassment and Discrimination: Hostile Work Environment (Compliance Spot)

    7 Reviews

    • Course Delivery: On Demand
    • Credit Hours: 0.25 

    Harassment and Discrimination for Employees (Comprehensive Course)

    8 Reviews

    • Course Delivery: On Demand
    • Credit Hours:

    Preventing Sexual Harassment

    4 Reviews

    • Course Delivery: On Demand
    • Credit Hours:

    Harassment and Discrimination for Employees

    • Course Delivery: On Demand
    • Difficulty: Intermediate
    • Credit Hours:
    • Audience: Anyone
    • Language: English
    *indicates Course Duration. This Course is not for Credit Hours.
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    Very informational and interesting. Was glad to learn about other types of harrassment.


    North Bay Village , FL

    I found this to be very useful. The scenarios presented were very realistic and I like that several approaches to bring resolution to the challenges faced were presented



    You think a lot of this is just common sense, but the training opens your eyes.


    Raiford, FL

    Very informative and diverse presentation of material.





    Very good course, I would recommend it for others.

    Mari Cruz

    Mesilla Park, NM

    very self explanitory and agree to everything in the training course, was able to understand pros, and cons and be aware of sexual harrasment on every job.



    I think this section was very helpful. THere were some things about Harrassment i was not aware of.

    Alhadi Adam

    Al fashir, North Darfur



    Very well thought out. It is easy to understand.