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Florida Adjuster Law

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  • Course Delivery: On Demand
  • Credit Hours: 10
  • Language: English
  • Credit Type: Adjuster - Law
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Audience: Licensed Florida Insurance Professional

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The purpose of this course is to present to the student a thorough overview of the laws and regulations with which insurance adjusters must comply. Insurance law topics are addressed both within the state of Florida and nationally. This is accomplished using three modules. Module One offers a precise and easy-to-understand examination of the Florida Statutes pertaining to insurance adjusters, referencing specific sections of the law and highlighting the salient features of each. Module Tw- focuses on the basic principles of insurance, covering such topics as key terms for insurance professionals and the typical characteristics of an insurance contract. Module Three addresses basic concepts of property and casualty insurance including personal auto insurance and liability insurance.The student will review basics, like the characteristics and primary parts of the insurance policy, as well as more specific topics in insurance law, including contract law, agency law, and insurance tax treatment. The student will also survey insurance legal code and litigation . The concepts discussed are seen at work in real world applications. In addition, the student will Understand important historical legislation, like the McCarranoFerguson Act, as well as modern day rulings that demonstrate finer legal distinctions and concepts. The primary objective of this course, taken as a whole, is to aid students in understanding the laws governing insurance adjusters actions and the basic concepts and policies involved in the everyday life of a professional insurance adjuster. However, the course also encourages students to become familiar with the laws and rules of their state in general by knowing how to locate and access them.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:
- Identify the definitions, categories, expectations, and penalties within Florida insurance law.
- Describe the problems with unauthorized entities. Understand fundamental insurance legal concepts, including indemnity, collateral, tests of materiality, and others.
- Recognize the primary parts and characteristics of an insurance policy.
- Distinguish between property and liability insurance concepts.
- Summarize contract law concepts, including offer, acceptance, and consideration.
- Explain agency law concepts, like authority, waiver, estoppel, and others.
- Describe insurance tax tests, such as the Cash Value Accumulation Test.
- Demonstrate how the McCarranoFerguson act impacts insurance law today.
- Apply basic legal ideas within crop and flood insurance.
- Explain liability risk retention.
- Show how insurance law has been refined by recent court decisions.


Regulatory Information

Florida Adjuster Law - Florida Department of Financial Services

  • Name:
  • Florida Department of Financial Services
  • Phone:
  • 850-413-3100
  • Fax:
  • 850-413-3291
  • Website URL:
  • http://www.myfloridacfo.com/
  • Email Address:
  • [email protected]
  • Address:
  • 200 E. Gaines Street Larson Building
  • City:
  • Tallahassee
  • State:
  • FL
  • Zip:
  • 32399-0319

End of Course Instructions

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Quiz Information

You will not be required to pass the quizzes to move on to the next lesson.



You will be required to pass the final exam with a 70% in order to receive course credit.

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