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  • Duration: 1 
  • Language: English
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Audience: Twitter users

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Twitter is an online social networking service that allows its users to communicate using messages of 140 characters or less. With millions of users, Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world and you'll be able to find and connect like-minded users with the same interests. In this series of online training tutorials, we'll cover how to use Twitter from tweeting and finding other users with common interests, to gaining more followers and keeping your tweets short. There’s a twitter universe of users who can provide information and insight into topics you are passionate about. View these tutorials, start a Twitter account, share, and learn.

Topics Covered


  • What you will learn in this training

Creating a Twitter Account and Profile

  • Create a Twitter account
  • Search and connect with contacts already on Twitter
  • Uploading a profile photo
  • Overview of the interface
  • Appearance of the settings icon
  • Account settings options
  • Set your notification preferences
  • Customize your profile page

Sending Tweets

  • Send a Tweet
  • Overview of mentions
  • View your mentions and send a Tweet with a mention in it
  • Overview of hashtags
  • Send a Tweet with a hashtag in it
  • Shorten a Tweet
  • Use a URL shortening service
  • View and send a direct message
  • Add an image and video to a Tweet
  • Add a location to a Tweet
  • Delete a Tweet
  • Favorite a Tweet
  • Retweet a Tweet

Follow and Be Followed

  • Introducing following
  • Using a user’s profile
  • Follow a user from their page
  • Use the search feature to search for a user to follow
  • Use the Who to Follow feature
  • Accept a follower
  • Unfollow a user
  • Block a user
  • Mute a user

Navigating the Twitter Interface

  • Eliminate advertisement Tweets from your feed
  • Overview of the ME tab
  • Overview of the notifications tab
  • Overview of the discover tab
  • Find and use help including the Twitter blog for help
  • Understand and use trending

Twitter Search

  • Overview of the search feature
  • Save a search for future use
  • Get your Twitter archive of previous Tweets

Twitter Lists

  • Explore lists
  • Add and remove a list
  • Remove yourself from a list
  • Delete a list
  • Subscribe to another user’s list
  • View Tweets on a list

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