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  • Course Delivery: On Demand
  • Duration: 1 
  • Language: English
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Audience: Google Drawing users

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Google Drawing offers you a quick and efficient platform for creating multi-image projects. This online training series addresses accessing, initiating, completing, sharing, and downloading projects in Google Drawing. You will learn how to control the size and orientation of your canvas as well as the work view of your project. In addition, you will be assisted in developing skills on inserting shapes, lines, images, tables, and links to create documents that will be creative, interactive, and collaborative. With these skills you will be able to create dynamic documents for any personal or work-related application.

Topics Covered

Getting Started

  • What you’ll learn in this training
  • Defining why you should use Google Drawing
  • Introducing the interface

Text and Objects

  • Drawing Shapes
  • Drawing lines
  • Inserting a text box
  • Inserting images
  • Inserting links
  • Inserting a table


  • Using basic formatting options to control appearance
  • Arranging and aligning
  • Using the Snap-To feature
  • Spelling
  • Zooming in and out


  • Creating a timeline
  • Creating a flow chart
  • Creating interactive games

Sharing, Downloading

  • Sharing your work
  • Collaborating using comments and real-time chat
  • Emailing your document
  • Downloading your document

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