Marketing strategy to reach 1,000,000 people

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LATEST: Course Updated On February, 2016 To Include The Following Lectures:

Case studies of different companies & how they reached 1,000,000 users
How to make cornerstone SEO pages that rank
Lecture on how to write better headlines that increase click-through rates
Full section on how to promote Amazon/Kindle books and become a best seller
SEO strategies to make almost any page rank in top-10
Improved audio/video quality for almost all lectures

Now with OVER 12 hours of tutorials and over 130 lectures!

This course is designed to make you a great marketer in a very short amount of time. In the course, you will learn top social media marketing strategies, how to do SEO (search engine optimization), and even some of the effective offline marketing strategies.

The course gives you a wealth of information with over 8 hours of video lessons. There are over 90 lessons on various marketing topics.

The course is made up of 5 parts. The first part of the course is meant to give you very solid marketing fundamentals. The second part of the course goes over some of the top offline marketing strategies, many of which we can then take and use in our online marketing strategies. The third part of the course goes over top social media marketing strategies. The fourth part of the course covers SEO (search engine optimization). And the fifth part of the course covers unique tutorials for how to market specific products or websites.

In addition to the course lectures, you get my help and advice! Students are able to start discussions and message me with private questions. I answer 99% of questions within 24 hours. I love helping students who take my courses and I look forward to helping you.

All advice in this course comes from things I have done personally. So there is no guessing and no theory. I know the ins and outs of every tactic I suggest because I use them all in my own business. Additionally, I am an author of a marketing book on how to reach 1,000,000 people with your marketing efforts. Many of the suggestions in the marketing book are made into lessons in this course. So by the end of this course I am confident that you will be a great marketer!

I wish you good luck with your business, and sincerely hope that this course will help you!

Course Objectives

  • Become great at marketing
  • Learn SEO marketing
  • Learn top social media marketing strategies
  • Learn effective offline marketing strategies
  • You will have the tools to reach 1,000,000 people with your marketing
  • You will understand which marketing strategies work, and which don't
  • You will be able to create a great marketing strategy for your business
  • You will learn how to get publicity and press coverage
  • Personal help from the instructor if you have specific questions
  • You will have great marketing fundamentals
  • Learn to get publicity for your business
  • Learn to get links for SEO better than a marketing agency would do it for you
  • Learn offline marketing strategies that are still effective
  • Get a tremendous amount of exposure for your business
  • Increase sales conversion after people come to your site
  • Make much more money from the increased traffic and increased sales conversion rate

Topics Covered

  • Section 1: Course Introduction
  • Section 2: First: High Level Theory And Marketing Fundamentals
  • Section 3: Offline Marketing (Elements From This Will Strengthen Our Online Marketing!)
  • Section 4: SEO (search engine optimization) beginner to advanced to very savvy!
  • Section 5: Social media marketing fundamentals and good practices
  • Section 6: Tools & extra techniques to maximize your social media reach
  • Section 7: Twitter marketing
  • Section 8: Facebook marketing
  • Section 9: Combination of social media and SEO to amplify both!
  • Section 10: YouTube Marketing
  • Section 11: Other Marketing Strategies For Specific Businesses
  • Section 12: Selling Books And Other Products On Amazon
  • Section 13: Paid Advertising: Few Lectures Since This Course Is On Free Marketing Strategies
  • Section 14: Case studies of how a few different companies reached 1,000,000


Interest in growing a businessIf you are promoting a websiteIf you are selling products


Subject Matter Expert

Alex Genadinik, Entrepreneur, marketer, mobile app developer, business coach is a 3-time best selling Amazon author, creator of top entrepreneur mobile apps, and host of a popular business and marketing channel on YouTube.

I am the creator of the Problemio business apps which are some of the top mobile apps for planning and starting a business with 1,000,000+ downloads across iOS, Android and Kindle.

I am also an author of three business books (marketing to reach 1,000,000 people, on starting a business, and on the mobile app business).

I am also a business coach. On my apps and in my private coaching practice I have helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs. That means I can probably help you quite a bit as well.

My areas of expertise are mobile apps, software engineering, marketing (SEO and social), and entrepreneurship.

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