Controlling to NERC Standards 7518 Controlling to NERC Standards: Power System Transactions and Coordination

7518 Controlling to NERC Standards: Power System Transactions and Coordination

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  • Credit Hours: 4
  • Credit Type: Technical, Health and Safety, Engineering

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This course qualifies for 4 CEH Credits.


The course explains the fundamental requirements of the active NERC INT Standards relating to the transfer of energy on the power system. It describes the processes used by Purchasing-Selling Entities (PSEs) regarding e-tagging and explains fundamental requirements of transaction implementation (INT-006, INT-009).

The requirements and standards set out by NERC INT-004, INT-006, and INT-009 regarding implementation of interchange schedules that result from transaction tags are described.

The requirements set forth by NERC for telecommunications facilities and personnel communications per COM-001 and COM-002, requirements of EOP-002, EOP-003, EOP-005 and EOP-006, highlighting requirements for system operations planning for both normal and emergency conditions, and during system restoration are described.

The course defines NERC's requirements for RCs and addresses IRO-009 relating to IROLs (references also to TOP-006, TOP-007, TOP-008) and monitoring, controlling for, and reporting of any limit violations.


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