Data Center and Virtualization VMware vSphere Design and Deploy Fast Track 6 0 - VSDNDFTv6

VMware vSphere Design and Deploy Fast Track 6 0 - VSDNDFTv6


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  • Course Delivery: Virtual Classroom
  • Duration: 40 
  • Language: English
  • Audience: Experienced system integrators and consultants.

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This extended-hours training course equips you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to design and deploy a VMware vSphere 6.0 virtual infrastructure. You follow a proven approach to design and deploy a virtualization solution that is available, scalable, manageable, and secure.  This course discusses the benefits and risks of available design alternatives and provides information to support making sound design decisions.  In this course, you practice your design skills by working with peers on a design project. You also deploy components of a completed vSphere design.  This course is based on VMware ESXi 6.0 and VMware vCenter Server 6.0.

Experienced system integrators; consultants responsible for designing and deploying vSphere environments.

Topics Covered

Course Detail:
1.Course Introduction: Introductions and course logistics; Course objectives.
2. Assessment: Define customer business objectives: Gather and analyze business and application requirements; Document design requirements, constraints, assumptions, and risks; Use a systematic method to evaluate and document design decisions; Create a conceptual design.
3. Core Management Infrastructure: Determine the number of vCenter Server instances to include in a design; Choose appropriate platforms for vCenter Server components and databases; Design a vCenter Server deployment topology that is appropriate for the size and requirements of the data center; Deploy core management components for the given vSphere design.
4. Virtual Data Center Infrastructure: Calculate total capacity requirements for a design; Create a virtual data center cluster design that meets business and workload requirements; Evaluate the use of various management services, such as VMware vSphere High Availability and VMware vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler, in the virtual data center design; Deploy virtual data center components for the given vSphere design.

Course Detail 1:
5. Compute Infrastructure: Create a compute infrastructure design that includes the appropriate ESXi boot, installation, and configuration options; Choose the ESXi host hardware for the compute infrastructure; Deploy and configure ESXi hosts for the given vSphere design; Perform a scripted installation of an ESXi host.
6. Storage Infrastructure: Calculate storage capacity requirements for a design; Create a storage infrastructure design that includes the appropriate storage platform and storage management solutions; Deploy components of the storage architecture for the given vSphere design.
7. Network Infrastructure: Create a network component design that includes virtual switch specifications, port group configuration settings, and physical network attributes; Evaluate network management and monitoring design options; Deploy components of the network architecture for the given vSphere design.
8. Virtual Machine Infrastructure: Create a virtual machine design that considers application requirements and maximizes performance; Deploy virtual machines for the given vSphere design.

Course Detail 2:
9. Infrastructure Security: Evaluate security options for ESXi hosts, vCenter Server, storage, networking, and virtual machines; Create a security design based on VMware best practices; Deploy security components for the given vSphere design.
10. Infrastructure Management: Evaluate management tools and solutions; Create a design that includes the management of ESXi hosts, templates, virtual machine snapshots, and events; Create a design for the VMware vSphere Update Manager architecture; Deploy management components for the given vSphere design.
11. Infrastructure Recoverability: Evaluate ways to provide recoverability in a vSphere environment; Create a design that includes the recoverability of ESXi hosts, vCenter Server, networks, and virtual machines; Deploy components that enable the recoverability of the vSphere environment in the given vSphere design.


Completion of the following courses: VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.0]; VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale [V6.0]; Or equivalent experience with vSphere deployments.


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