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Junos Intermediate Routing - JIR


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This two-day course provides students with intermediate routing knowledge and configuration examples. The course includes an overview of protocol-independent routing features, load balancing and filter-based forwarding, OSPF, BGP, IP tunneling, and high availability (HA) features. This course is based on the Junos operating system Release 10.3R1.9.

Through demonstrations and hands-on labs, students will gain experience in configuring and monitoring the Junos OS and monitoring device operations.


Network technicians responsible for configuring and monitoring devices running the Junos OS.


Topics Covered

Course Detail:

Chapter 1: Course Introduction Chapter 2: Protocol-Independent Routing •Static Routes •Aggregated Routes •Generated Routes •Martian Addresses •Routing Instances •Lab 1: Protocol-Independent Routing Chapter 3: Load Balancing and Filter-Based Forwarding •Overview of Load Balancing •Configuring and Monitoring Load Balancing •Overview of Filter-Based Forwarding •Configuring and Monitoring Filter-Based Forwarding •Lab 2: Load Balancing and Filter-Based Forwarding Chapter 4: Open Shortest Path First •Overview of OSPF •Adjacency Formation and the Designated Router Election •OSPF Scalability •Configuring and Monitoring OSPF •Basic OSPF Troubleshooting •Lab 3: Open Shortest Path First Day 2 Chapter 5: Border Gateway Protocol •Overview of BGP •BGP Attributes •IBGP Versus EBGP •Configuring and Monitoring BGP •Lab 4: Border Gateway Protocol Chapter 6: IP Tunneling •Overview of IP Tunneling •GRE and IP-IP Tunnels •Implementing GRE and IP-IP Tunnels •Lab 5: IP Tunneling Chapter 7: High Availability •Overview of High Availability Networks •GR •Graceful RE Switchover •Nonstop Active Routing •BFD •VRRP •Lab 6: High Availability Appendix A: IPv6 •Introduction to IPv6 •Routing Protocol Configuration Examples •Tunneling IPv6 over IPv4 •Lab 7 (Optional): IPv6 Appendix B: IS-IS •Overview of IS-IS •Overview of IS-IS PDUs •Adjacency Formation and DIS Election •Configuring and Monitoring IS-IS •Basic IS-IS Troubleshooting •Lab 8 (Optional): IS-IS Appendix C: Routing Information Protocol •Introduction to RIP •RIP Configuration Examples •Monitoring and Troubleshooting RIP



Students should have basic networking knowledge and an understanding of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model and the TCP/IP protocol suite. Students should also attend the Introduction to the Junos Operating System (IJOS) and Junos Routing Essentials (JRE) courses prior to attending this class


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