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Routing and Switching Troubleshooting QFabric Systems

Troubleshooting QFabric Systems


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Who should attend

This course benefits all individuals responsible for deploying and supporting QFabric systems.


Course Objectives

After successfully completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the functions of system components.
  • List and use available troubleshooting tools.
  • Follow a basic troubleshooting approach.
  • Describe management interfaces and traffic flow.
  • List and describe control plane and data plane connections.
  • Describe the system and fabric discovery process.
  • Explain the operations of discovery protocols.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot internal protocol operations.
  • List and describe key processes and services.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot processes and services.
  • Describe the Layer 2 learning process.
  • Explain fabric control protocol operations for Layer 2 routes.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot Layer 2 operations.
  • Describe the Layer 3 forwarding process.
  • Explain fabric control protocol operations for Layer 3 routes.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot Layer 3 operations.
  • List potential issues with Fibre Channel deployments.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot Fibre Channel operations.

Topics Covered

This two-day course is designed to provide you with detailed coverage of the QFabric system components, design, and architecture. You will learn about the tools available for troubleshooting the system and will be provided examples of how those tools are used. Through demonstrations and hands-on labs, you will gain knowledge of detailed system operations and experience troubleshooting the QFabric system.

This course is intended to prepare individuals for typical troubleshooting issues they would meet in the field. It assumes that the deepest level of system troubleshooting will continue to be provided by the Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC).

This course uses the Juniper Networks QFX3000-M system for the hands-on component. This course is based on the Junos operating system Release 12.2X50-D20.4.



The prerequisites for this course are as follows:

  • Intermediate TCP/IP networking knowledge;
  • Intermediate Layer 2 switching knowledge;
  • Introductory data center technologies knowledge; and
  • Attendance of the Configuring and Monitoring QFabric Systems (CMQS) course, or equivalent experience.

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