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This two-day class picks up where our Introduction to Adobe FrameMaker (Unstructured) class leaves off. We complete our understanding of document-specific features (i.e., anchored frames, cross-references, footnotes and conditional text), and then move on to collecting individual documents and combining them into books. We will also review electronic publshing from a FrameMaker document or book.


Course Objectives

  • Anchored Frames and Graphics
  • Cross-References and Footnotes
  • Books and TOC
  • Indexes
  • Conditional Text
  • Hypertext and PDF
  • HTML and Web Publishing


Topics Covered

Anchored Frames and Graphics
Import a variety of images into a FrameMaker document and control their position via the Anchored Frame options.

Cross-References and Footnotes
Add paragraph and spot cross-references and insert & format footnotes.

Books and TOC
Pull multiple individual chapters into a book and learn how to control page numbering, and then generate a table of contents for the entire book.

Add index markers to your chapters, and generate an Index from the completed book.

Conditional Text
Learn how to use conditional text to create multiple versions of a single document or book.

Hypertext and PDF
Create interactive PDF™s from your Frame chapters files and book files, complete with manual and automatic hyperlinks and bookmarks.

HTML and Web Publishing
Use the reference pages to control the mapping of your FrameMaker styles to the closest equivalent HMTL codes, and convert your FrameMaker chapter or book to HTML for posting to a web page.

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