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Adobe Photoshop Photoshop in 10 practical steps

Photoshop in 10 practical steps

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  • Learn how to lose weight, put muscles on, get rid of acne, change eye color and get a tattoo (in Photoshop).
  • A practical guide to Photoshop (work on real life photos).
  • Learn creative (and practical) ways to use Photoshop tools.


  • People wanting a motivational picture (e.g. how would they look without 10 lb. of fat).
  • Facebook users wanting to improve their vacation photos.
  • Aspiring artists and graphic designers.
  • People wanting to monetize their Photoshop skills.

Topics Covered

Blurring the background, changing the background, removing an object, special effects, portrait in the sand, changing the human face, changing the eye color, changing the lips color, removing acne, partial black and white, whiten teeth, smoothing skin, changing the human body, the Photoshop diet, adding a tribal tattoo, putting muscle on, adding the dragon effect, adding a tattoo, applying digital rejuvenation, creating a Hollywood movie poster, applying other special effects (shadows, lights, details and colors), my trip to Montenegro.



  • Photoshop (CS6 preferably, free trial or student version are fine).
  • No prior knowledge of Photoshop. You will be learning some powerful and sometimes complex.
  • Techniques, but we will work through each of these step-by-step.

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