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Crystal Reports XI Level 3


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This two-day workshop is designed to expand your working knowledge of Crystal Reports and move you into creating more complex reports. Time will be spent walking you through the tips and tricks of advanced report writing, along with a lot of hands-on practice. In addition, you will cover custom function, advanced formulas, and report efficiencies techniques. This course incorporates a number of hands‐on exercises that reinforce the learning process.

Course Objectives

  • Create running totals in a report.
  • Build cross-tabs in your report.
  • Add subreports to a report.
  • Design a report that uses a drill-down.
  • Improve processing speed in your reports.
  • Chart single and multiple data series.
  • Report from Excel data.
  • Implement report prompts.
  • Enhance report functionality.

Topics Covered

Refresher Exercise
  • Review of Planning a Report
  • Creating the Report
  • Placing Fields on the Report
  • Advanced Grouping
  • Selecting Certain Records
  • Group Sorting
  • The Report Header
  • The Group Chart

Custom Functions
  • What is a Custom Function
  • Custom Function Arguments
  • When to use a Custom Function
  • Creating Custom Functions
  • Creating a Custom Function using the Custom

Function Editor
  • Using Crystal Syntax
  • Using Basic Syntax
  • Custom Functions Properties
  • Using the Formula Expert and Custom Functions
  • Using the Formula Extractor
  • Custom Function Limitations

Using Advanced Formula Features
  • Advanced Formula Syntax
  • Review of If then else Expressions
  • Alternatives to the IF THEN ELSE Function
  • Select Case Statement
  • Immediate If Function
  • IIF (expression, truePart, falsePart)
  • For Loops
  • Exit For
  • While Do Loops
  • Join Function
  • The Split Function
  • Crystal Formula Sizing Limitations

Crystal Reports, Data Access and SQL
  • What is SQL?
  • Direct Database Driver
  • ODBC
  • OLE DB
  • Viewing the SQL
  • SQL Commands
  • Creating a SQL Command
  • Adding a Parameter to the Command
  • SQL Expressions
  • Creating a SQL Expression

Advanced Database Concepts
  • Using the Database Expert for Linking
  • Order Links Dialog
  • Index Legend Dialog
  • Link Options Dialog
  • Adding and Removing Databases/Tables from the Report
  • Adding Tables to a Report Multiple Times
  • Changing the Join Type for a Link
  • Database Changes
  • Database Verification
  • Set Data Source Location
  • Re‐mapping Database Fields
  • Views
  • Stored Procedures
  • Non ODBC Connection Types

Running Reports Efficiently
  • Understanding What Crystal Can Pass to the Database and How That Affects Report Performance
  • Strategies for Efficient Report Performance
  • Interpreting the SQL Query
  • Using an SQL Statement to Make a Report More Efficient
  • Record Selection and Performance
  • Performance Information
  • Report Definition
  • Saved Data
  • Processing
  • Latest Report Changes
  • Performance Timing
  • Server Based Grouping
  • Requirements for Server Based Grouping
  • Select Distinct Command

Manual Cross‐Tab Reports
  • Creating a CrossTab Object
  • Creating a CrossTab without the Expert

Tips and Tricks
  • Formatting Subreports
  • Parameter Tips and Tricks
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Formatting Page Headers
  • Using Fonts to Enhance Readability of your Report
  • Windows Character Map
  • String Fields and Dates
  • Dates Activity

OLAP Reporting
  • OLAP Explanation
  • OLAP Servers
  • Creating an OLAP Report
  • OLAP Report Formatting



To ensure the successful completion of Crystal Reports XI Level 3, we recommend completion of one of the following courses, or equivalent knowledge:

  • Crystal Reports XI Level 1
  • Crystal Reports XI Level 2

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