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Microsoft Office Access 2013 Mastery

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This course covers the advanced functions and features of Access 2013. Students will learn about implementing advanced form design, using data validation and using macros to improve user interface design. They will also learn how to use advanced database management, distribute and secure a database and manage switchboards.


Topics Covered

This course provides students with knowledge and skills such as database management, advanced form design, packaging a database, encrypting a database, and preparing a database for multi-user access.

Course Introduction - Duration: 2m

Lesson 01 - Implementing Advanced Form Design - Duration: 42m

Topic A: Add Controls to Forms

  • Types of Controls
  • Other Elements
  • The Original frmInventory View
  • The frmInventory Target Layout
  • Styling Elements
  • Demo 1-1: Changing the Tab Order on a Form

Topic B: Create Subforms

  • Subforms
  • Demo 1-2: Creating a Subform

Topic C: Organize Information with Tabs Pages

  • Demo 1-3: Creating Tab Pages

Topic D: Enhance Navigation of Forms

  • Demo 1-4: Creating a Navigation Form

Topic E: Apply Conditional Formatting

  • Demo 1-5: Changing the Display of Data Conditionally
  • Lesson 01 Review

Lesson 02 - Using Data Validation - Duration: 29m

Topic A: Field and Record Validation

  • Field and Record Navigation
  • Field Properties for a Number Data Type Field in tblInventory
  • Input Masks
  • Input Mask Characters
  • Lookup Lists
  • Demo 2-1: Validating Data with a Field Property

Topic B: Form Validation

  • Selecting the Type of Combo Box for a Form
  • Controls – List Box and Option Group
  • Demo 2-2: Using a Combo Box Control to Limit Option Values
  • Lesson 02 Review

Lesson 03 - Using Macros to Improve User Interface Design - Duration: 40m

Topic A: Create a Macro

  • Macros
  • The Macro Builder Window and Action Catalog
  • Macro Actions and Positioning Arrows
  • Types of Macro Actions
  • Event Options Form Field
  • Macro Event Groups
  • Events and Supported Controls
  • Demo 3-1: Creating a Macro to Open a New Record on a Form

Topic B: Restrict Records Using a Condition

  • The OpenForm Macro Action with Where Condition
  • Demo 3-2: Using the Where Condition to Restrict Data

Topic C: Validate Data Using a Macro

  • Validate Data Using a Macro
  • Demo 3-3: Using a Macro to Validate Data

Topic D: Automate Data Entry Using a Macro

  • Event Properties for Automating Data Entry
  • Demo 3-4: Automating Data Entry with a Macro

Topic E: Convert a Macro to VBA

  • Macros and VBA
  • Demo 3-5: Converting a Macro to VBA
  • Lesson 03 Review

Lesson 04 - Using Advanced Database Management - Duration: 27m

Topic A: Link Tables to External Data Sources

  • External Data Sources
  • Demo 4-1: Using an External Data Source

Topic B: Manage a Database

  • Modes to Open a Database
  • Maintaining a Database
  • Demo 4-2: Compacting and Repairing a Database

Topic C: Determine Object Dependency

  • The Object Dependencies Pane
  • Demo 4-3: Viewing Object Dependency

Topic D: Document a Database

  • Database Documenter
  • Demo 4-4: Using the Database Documenter

Topic E: Analyze the Performance of a Database

  • Analysis Results
  • Demo 4-5: Using the Performance Analyzer
  • Lesson 04 Review

Lesson 05 - Distributing and Securing a Database - Duration: 32m

Topic A: Splitting a Database for Multiple User Access

  • Viewing Tables in a Split Database
  • Demo 5-1: Splitting a Database

Topic B: Implement Security

  • The Message Bar
  • Implementing Security
  • The Trust Center Dialog Box
  • Demo 5-2: Adding a Trusted Location

Topic C: Set Passwords

  • Password Guidelines
  • Demo 5-3: Setting a Database Password

Topic D: Convert an Access Database to an ACCDE File

  • ACCDE File Format
  • Creating an ACCDE File
  • Quick Start Database Templates Menu
  • Template Customization
  • Saving Your Database as a Template
  • Demo 5-4: Converting a Database to ACCDE Format

Topic E: Package a Database with a Digital Signature

  • Packaging a Database with Digital Signatures
  • Package and Sign
  • Certificates
  • Lesson 05 Review

Lesson 06 - Managing Switchboards - Duration: 17m

Topic A: Create a Database Switchboard

  • The Switchboard Manager’s Initial Message
  • The Switchboard Manager’s Main Screen
  • Demo 6-1: Creating a Simple Switchboard

Topic B: Modify a Database Switchboard

  • Demo 6-2: Modifying a Switchboard

Topic C: Set Startup Options

  • Startup Options for the Current Database
  • Error Checking Options
  • Demo 6-3: Setting Startup Options
  • Lesson 06 Review
  • Course Closure

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