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Microsoft Excel Excel 2013:  Frequently Used Formulas & Functions

Excel 2013: Frequently Used Formulas & Functions

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  • Duration: 1 
  • Language: English
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Audience: Microsoft Excel users

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In this series of online training tutorials, we'll cover how to set-up formulas to ensure you're using all the features Microsoft® Excel® 2013 has to offer. From using common formulas such as SUM, AVERAGE and IF, to more complicated formulas such as NESTED IF functions, you'll learn common uses for a variety of formulas in Excel. Additionally, we'll cover how to alter formulas and check for errors.


Topics Covered

Getting Started
  • What you'll learn in this training

  • Using the Sum function
  • Using the Average function
  • Using the Count function
  • Using the Date and Now functions
  • Using the Days function
  • Using the Match function
  • Using the Transpose function
  • Using the Round function
  • Using the And function
  • Using the Or function
  • Using the If function
  • Using a Nested If function
  • Using the Count If function
  • Using the Sum If function
  • Using the VLookup function
  • Using the HLookup function
  • Using the Concatenate
  • Using text to columns

Linking and Consolidating Worksheets
  • Creating a link formula within the same workbook
  • Creaking a link formula to another workbook
  • Consolidating worksheets using formulas
  • Using the Consolidate command
  • Opening a workbook with external reference formulas
  • Breaking links to external references

Auditing and Error Checking
  • Displaying formulas
  • Identifying precedent cells
  • Identifying dependent cells
  • Checking for errors
  • Evaluating a formula

Knowledge Assessments
  • Formulas
  • Linking and Consolidating Worksheets
  • Auditing and Error Checking

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