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Excel 2013 Tutorials For Beginners to Experts

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  • Duration: 3 
  • Language: English
  • Audience: Excel beginner and intermediate users.

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This course is created for Excel beginners and has been designed for computer users who are willing to learn Microsoft Excel in simple steps. At the end of this course you will become an Excel Expert for sure. Also, even Excel Experts can improve their Excel Skills by the help of this course.
Tutorials are with English subtitles. Exercise files are included for each lecture. Shortcut Keys indicated for each lecture if available.
You will begin at beginner level and reach to intermediate level. You will use Excel 2013 effectively in your daily life, such as job, personal data usage etc.
Course consists of 11 Chapters. New Chapters will be added. Take this course to make your life easy and organized with Excel 2013.

Excel beginner users must take the course, Excel already users can develop their skills with the new features of Excel 2013.

Course Objectives

  • Learn the secrets of Excel and become an Excel Expert

Subject Matter Expert

I am Jacobo Tutorials (jacobotutorials.com) Owner. I have 10 years of experience with MS Office Programs and SAP. I am also an Android Developer. I improved myself through especially with tutorials, reading books and searching Google. If you want to learn something, watching tutorials is the best solution.
While watching tutorials I discovered that I can be a good instructor and decided to make tutorials. I always begin with basics and slowly I reached the advanced levels. So in my courses I will begin with the basics and get you to Advanced Levels.

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