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Project Management with Microsoft Project

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"Are your projects expanding in size and scope faster than you can manage them? Are you starting to work on an enterprise team and need to understand how larger projects work? Have you found yourself unexpectedly taking on the role of project manager? Is your IT career path taking you in the direction of project management?

As IT and development projects get increasingly complex, the role of project manager has become more critical. Whether you're a reluctant project manager trying to improve the output and efficiency of your team, or an aspiring project professional, you're going to find this course extremely helpful. With over 20 years of project management experience, Beth Mosolgo-Clark will be your instructor as you learn the basics of project management, including terminology, techniques, reporting, and costing. At the same time, you'll become familiar with Microsoft Project--the software most commonly used by project professionals.

This course includes hours of video lecture, dozens of project management examples, and samples. You'll find there is no better way to dive into Microsoft Project software and the field of project management!"

Course Objectives

  • Section 1: Welcome to Project Management using Microsoft Project
  • Section 2: Basic Project Management Concepts
  • Section 3: Creating Your Project in MS Project
  • Section 4: Creating and Managing Project Tasks
  • Section 5: The Critical Path and Other keys to scheduling project tasks
  • Section 6: Creating and managing project resources
  • Section 7: Calendars
  • Section 8: View and Reports
  • Section 9: Tracking and Managing Project Costs
  • Section 10: Additional Features
  • Section 11: Course Summary

Topics Covered

  • Identify the Key Components of a Project
  • Identify the Purpose of a Project
  • Understand Project Resources
  • Understand Project Constraints
  • Comprehend Unstated Objectives
  • Create a Project with MS Project
  • Create Relationships Between Tasks
  • Understand the Basics of Critical Paths
  • Be Able to Subdivide Tasks
  • Understand Task Float
  • Represent Project Resources in MS Project
  • Assign Resources to a Task
  • Perform Resource Leveling in MS Project
  • Update Task Progress
  • Manage Part Time Resources
  • Utilize Calendars in MS Project
  • Edit a Project's Calendar
  • Displaying Calendar Information in a Gantt Chart
  • Report Resource Utilization
  • Work with Project Milestones
  • Use Network Diagram Views
  • Use Spreadsheet Vies
  • Assign a Labor Rate to Project Resources
  • Record Non-Labor Project Costs
  • View cost Reports
  • Manage Project Costs
  • Integrate with other MS Applications
  • Create MS Project Macros
  • Work in Mobile and the cloud


PC or Mac


Subject Matter Expert

Beth Mosolgo-Clark has been a Project/Program Manager for over 20 years and has extensive experience using MS Project to manage projects of all scopes and sizes. Beth began her passionate relationship with computer science during a summer enrichment course in high school. She held technical intern positions with Westinghouse Defense Systems and Western Electric. After receiving her Computer Science degree from Virginia Tech, Beth started her career with Hewlett-Packard, designing operating systems for then state-of-the-art minicomputers in Silicon Valley. Next, Beth moved to GE, first developing real-time operating systems for industrial PCs, then transitioning into embedded firmware project management. In this role, Beth led teams to award-winning successful project completions and instituted numerous project management process improvements. Beth's projects were often selected for ISO 9000 audits, due to her reputation for quality and process excellence. Most recently, Beth brought her expertise to the operations department of Alere Informatics, improving data-driven insight into product installation project management.

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