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Microsoft Word Microsoft Word 2013:  Newsletters

Microsoft Word 2013: Newsletters

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  • Course Delivery: On Demand
  • Duration: 1 
  • Language: English
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Audience: Microsoft Word users

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Take your knowledge of Microsoft ® Word 2013 to advanced levels by learning to create a professional looking three-column newsletter. This online training course demonstrates how to format and flow text, insert clipart graphics, pictures, charts, tables, and more. You'll also explore different document layouts as you hone your newly acquired skills.


Topics Covered

Getting Started
  • What you'll learn in this training

Setting Up the Banner
  • Entering banner text
  • Formatting the banner text
  • Using WordArt for a title
  • Adding a border
  • Inserting a section break

Text in Straight Columns
  • Setting up columns
  • Inserting a story
  • Choosing font and alignment
  • Setting paragraph spacing
  • Opening a second view of the document

Text in Text Boxes
  • Using text boxes for text placement
  • Linking text boxes
  • Flowing text into linked text boxes
  • Wrapping other text around a text box

Working with Pictures and Graphics
  • Adding pictures to a story
  • Resizing the picture
  • Setting text wrap around your graphic
  • Adding a background graphic
  • Setting graphic transparency
  • Adding an AutoShape

Special Touches
  • Adding background color or shading to an area
  • Adding story dividers
  • Saving your newsletter as a Web page
  • Adding a chart
  • Adding a side bar text box
  • Adding a table

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