Life Skills Develop Your Social Intelligence

Develop Your Social Intelligence

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  • Learn how to act better, faster and smarter when you need to.
  • Find out how your own personality sabotages your productivity and the achievement of your goals.
  • Learn the psychology of success: what is that specific trait that makes you different from successful people.
  • Get easy-to-apply techniques to motivate each type of personality.
  • Learn techniques through which you can align your mood to work with your goals, in order to quickly achieve them.


  • Anyone interested in what drives human behavior.
  • People interested in learning more about why people do what they do.
  • Anyone that wants to understand how to motivate or how to convince other people

Topics Covered

Social sciences, personality typologies, social circles, networking, identifying the personality of others, causes of stress, changing your personality type, (advanced) the 8 cognitive functions, your personal development plan, motivation techniques.



All students should take the MBTI test:

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